Lorak stayed in the same bra for candid photos: “Girl-show”

Лорак осталась в одном лифчике ради откровенных фото: "Девочка-показуха"

Famous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who has been living and working on the territory of the Russian Federation, blew up a network of racy photos in pajamas

Not so long ago, Ani Lorak, as is known, had divorced her husband and immediately set off at all serious: began touring with the live show Diva to go on holiday abroad and to surprise fans with unnecessary showing off my body.

Now Ani Lorak actively demonstrates to others that she’s fine and her career is not in place. Is complete, true, and without harsh criticism of the controversial singer.

Лорак осталась в одном лифчике ради откровенных фото: "Девочка-показуха"

So, this time presented in the account of the star the picture they showed all of me. The fact that the star gave the spicy photo shoot of a white pajamas, not forgetting to undress for hot photos actress unbuttoned his shirt and showed his chest in the same light bra.

“My favorite pajamas. Beautiful collection of silk,” he boasted to the artist before the audience.

Netizens in turn quite ambiguously responded to the post. Some admired the unusual way, however, there were also those who criticized Lorak for revealing outfits:

“Why so perfect”, “What a fabulous our Diva 🙏 🏻 ♥ I will not cease to admire You!!!!😻 My example and my motivation!”, “Who is it you want? You’re a singer or a girl show? And another question, where is the promised win-win prizes or do you CHATTERBOX?”, “Kaif😍😍🔥 Photo fire!”, “It’s not pajamas show…”, “How did you get with your advertising. Unsubscribe from You”, “the Girls? Girls is from 11 to 17! Neuce, eleven-year-old girls will wear pajamas?! They who decided to seduce?”.

Лорак осталась в одном лифчике ради откровенных фото: "Девочка-показуха"

Recall that Ani Lorak has changed beyond recognition after the divorce

As reported Politeka, Ani Lorak long concealed an illegitimate son

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