Lorak showed the result of a failed plastic nose: “Like a dummy”

Лорак показала результат неудачной пластики носа: "Похожа на пустышку"

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who has been living and working in Russia, amazed the fans in a new way

Despite the fact that the singer was a pretty tough period – she recently divorced her husband, star has struggled to lead an active social life and shares on social networks only of their own achievements or concert shots, showing that she is okay. And recently, star in the whole world, said about their new relationship.

Лорак показала результат неудачной пластики носа: "Похожа на пустышку"

At this time, lorac decided to warm up interest of public to the person. On his page in the social network actress posted a new photo, which poses in a stylish but fairly modest Luca.

The star of dzhinsovka dark color with a snake pattern, her hair down, and on his feet the usual massive sneakers. It is noteworthy that in the presented frame Lorak is not like itself – has changed so much her face after beauty shots.

A day earlier Lorak appeared before the camera in the Studio. There star came in a modest sports Luka – her black sports pants slinky and loose black t-shirt with bright print.

And next to the star posing her colleague, with whom lorac, obviously, working on his new hit in the Studio. Users of the network, as expected, did not remain indifferent to what he saw and the statement of the singer of the new hit.

Лорак показала результат неудачной пластики носа: "Похожа на пустышку"

Earlier we wrote that we did not have time famous singer Ani Lorak to celebrate his new happiness, as in the network, a new scandal erupted — online “noise” about that new lover of her celebrity shy.

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As you know, in Sochi, Russia music festival “New wave”. And in addition to the contestants in the contest are already known, mainly Russian stars. Thus, among the old and the new ROS-celebrities lit Ukrainian, for example, Ani Lorak and Svetlana Loboda. On the contest page in Instagram there is a video and photo showing Lorak in a candid way with a young lover.

Лорак показала результат неудачной пластики носа: "Похожа на пустышку"

The singer arrived to the “New wave” in Sochi in the company of a new boyfriend Yegor Gleb. As you know, new friend, Lorak younger than her – the sound producer 26. In one of social networks there was a video where a couple walks together.

As you can see in the video, Anya and Egor pass through a metal detector at the music competition. It is noticeable that the producer lowered his head, trying to hide his face. “Beauty. Ani Lorak and Egor Hleb at the international contest “New wave 2019″ in Sochi.”

Fans say that beloved lorac always hides his face under a cap.

Recall that Ani Lorak has changed beyond recognition after the divorce

As reported Politeka, Ani Lorak long concealed an illegitimate son

Also Politeka wrote, Ani Lorak surprised rounded belly