Lorak showed the most important person in life: “Absolute love”

Лорак показала самого важного человека в жизни: "Абсолютная любовь"

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak retrohale fans mental frame

Ani Lorak, aroused admiration in the network touching a joint photo with her grown-up daughter Sophie. The star mom and her favorite girls appeared in Instagram stars.

Carolina simple classic dark blue jacket holding the hand of Sophia, which is pressed against the mother. The girl jeans with visicol in the form of flowers, a jacket similar to that worn by the singer, and a white t-shirt with inscriptions.

The actress and her daughter smiling like you committed oblivious to the cameras, and he radiates the tenderness and reverence, which immediately caught the eyes of fans of the artist.

Лорак показала самого важного человека в жизни: "Абсолютная любовь"

Ani did not sign frame, limiting the smiley in the form of a heart. By the way, under the photo noted Russian singer, and each star Sergey Lazarev pictures with which fuels the romance rumors singer and her colleagues. He also left a smiley heart, even more than provoke fans.

Delighted fans began vying to write compliments Carolina and Sofia, noting that they are both incredibly stylish and beautiful.

Лорак показала самого важного человека в жизни: "Абсолютная любовь"

“Hello!”, “What is beauty”, “Photos just super!”, “Nice dudes”, “What are you cute”, “Adorable girls”, “Cute, sweet girls… Be happy! Always smile… your Daughter … This is happiness!”, “Chrysalis, my beauties!”, “Good girls go see”, “mother’s sun😘😘😘. Cool”, “envy silently,in a rag…..the child of a miracle,mom beauty and immense talent”, “Mom and daughter!!!”, “A woman is never alone, especially when there are kids😍”, “moving picture❤ this”, “This is absolute love 💕 Carolina, your photos are the most gentle😍 Sonia,” claimed the enthusiastic fans.

Лорак показала самого важного человека в жизни: "Абсолютная любовь"

Also earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who has been living and working in Russia, amazed the fans in a new way.

Despite the fact that now the singer a difficult period – she just got divorced with her partner, so star has struggled to lead an active social life and shares on social networks only of their own achievements or concert shots, showing that she is okay.

As you know, recently Lorak made a sensual recognition of the “new life”, which was prepared by his fans for almost two weeks. And today, the star presented a clip for the new song “I waited for you”, which talks about what is “not said good-bye with love, and can no longer sleep alone.”

Recall that Ani Lorak has changed beyond recognition after the divorce

As reported Politeka, Ani Lorak long concealed an illegitimate son

Also Politeka wrote that Ani Lorak surprised rounded belly