Lorac flirt with fans: “hard choices”

Лорак пококетничала с поклонниками: «трудный выбор»

Ani Lorak has decided to call for the conversation of its fans or just miss the compliments

Ukrainian singer that changed Kiev to Moscow, actively engaged in their own page in social network Instagram.

The artist actively shares photos of myself with followers and gets a lot of compliments. Apparently, the singer got bored, or she just decided to talk with his fans, and maybe she just wanted once again to read about how she is beautiful and talented, so Lorak asked the question in the social network.

Лорак пококетничала с поклонниками: «трудный выбор»

“1 or 2” – coyly signed photo of the star.

She also attached two pictures. In a black turtleneck lorac sits in the car. In one photo, she seriously looks at the camera and the other smiling broadly.

Fans are actively involved in the game and immediately began offering their own versions of the best photo. Some immediately rushed to confess his idol in love and to pour compliments.

“Both of you. Your smile has blown my mind, and about eyes in General, a Mall, a glance into the heart and to lose”, “I like the first more”, “Sun”, “a Hard choice. Both, of Course, both very beautiful… Smile always”, “Miss you very much”, “For both photos, you are beautiful! Smile more! We love you,” “You’re beautiful”, “Your smile is incredible”, “such a Beautiful, Sunny,” wrote choking with delight fans.

As previously reported, Carolina shocked the fans with its huge stock of shoes. The singer told about how preparing for the tour. While Ani Lorak decided to show his fans exactly how is the preparation and sharing relevant photos in your Instagram.

Лорак пококетничала с поклонниками: «трудный выбор»

“It is always difficult to collect the bags. It is necessary to consider everything and forget nothing, ” wrote the singer.

Лорак пококетничала с поклонниками: «трудный выбор»

Your post it was accompanied by a photograph, which sits in front of a huge wardrobe with shoes.

Лорак пококетничала с поклонниками: «трудный выбор»

Followers of the singer were shocked by the scale of the collection lorac. Many of them felt that it was too much and advised the singer to get rid of extra shoes. Some even jokingly suggested that lorac was photographed in a Shoe store.

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😎1 or 2

A post shared by Ani Lorak (@anilorak happy) on Apr 23, 2019 at 9:13am PDT

Recall that Ani Lorak has changed beyond recognition after the divorce: “was rocersa” picture.

As reported Politeka, Ani Lorak long concealed an illegitimate son: a network of boils.

Also Politeka wrote that Ani was surprised by the rounded belly: “four months”.