Looks like the ex-“VIA Gra” during pregnancy: “plus 14 kilo”, beauty photo

Как выглядит экс-"ВИА Гра" во время беременности: "плюс 14 кило", фото красотки

The former soloist of the popular group “VIA Gra” Santa Dimopoulos shared a tender snapshot

Participant of the Ukrainian “factory of stars”, the world champion of fitness and a former soloist of the trio “VIA Gra” Santa Dimopoulos shared another photo of her pregnancy on Instagram page.

Day ago the singer posted a tender picture in which she sits in a chair and stroking his already rounded tummy.

The girl thanked everyone for their kind words:

“Thank you all for the warm greetings! Read each with tears of happiness! Girls, we have another beremenosti? Write in the comments any time!”, — I wrote to Santa.

Как выглядит экс-"ВИА Гра" во время беременности: "плюс 14 кило", фото красотки

In the next post ex-“viaginta” announced that he is now at 29 weeks pregnant. Fortunately, Dimopoulos does not complain of morning sickness and nausea. Mommy told her you always want potatoes and sweet. She has a great appetite, which celebrities scored only during the first trimester about seven pounds. However, Santa says that will quickly return to normal after childbirth.

Also the star said she trained the first 4 weeks, but the last 3 spilled.

“I try to walk more. As soon as I stopped training got a tummy,” said Dimopoulos.

And the skin on the face, as told by the singer, was perfect. In addition, Santa is naughty, because this pregnancy is peaceful and conscious.

Как выглядит экс-"ВИА Гра" во время беременности: "плюс 14 кило", фото красотки

By the way, the girl said that does not understand forms the belly, but thinks it is the same as in the first pregnancy.

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We will remind, the first son of Santa birthed in 2009 from TV and radio presenter Andrew of Jujuly. Then the couple broke up when the kid not be filled for two years.

With current husband, Igor Kucherenko, the owner of fitness clubs, the relationship began when the man was married. Then Santa was called a home wrecker, after all, the businessman threw for her husband and three children.

However, Dimopoulos, in my defense, announced Igor decided to leave the family. Now she has developed relationships with the children’s favorite. They often travel together.

It is known that the couple spends a lot of time abroad and Kucherenko helps Santa be implemented in the work.

Note, a former member of the popular team are not particularly fond of privacy. Therefore, the sudden recognition of the pregnancy, made on June 17, has caused a lot of shock.

We will remind, about Sedokova without hesitation showed her real figure: “Silicon valley”.

As reported Politeka, the pregnant star of “VIA gra” stunned candid photos: “It’s time…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Brezhnev undressed in front of cameras and showed juicy form: “What are you doing?”.