Looking to the North is highly anticipated

real-daigneault-lucien-boivin-annonceThe activated Looking to the North returns for a second edition in Saint-Prime with the added bonus of keeping the fourth Regional Mining Forum.

This appointment two day aims to promote networking between regional SMEs and large contractors working in Northern Quebec.

Although the economic climate is slowing and that investments in the North are not forthcoming, the mayor of Saint-Prime, Lucien Boivin, is convinced of the importance of this appointment. “We do not dream in color! There are plenty of opportunities to seize. People have the chance to meet companies that have large projects and to know their status and needs they have. It will enable our companies well prepared when the time comes to be part of a new major project, “he commented.

He gave the example of a company in the region that by offering English classes to employees, managed to get a contract in the North.

Mayor Boivin hopes to attract 300 people during the two days of meetings to be held on 8 and 9 June It is believed that the mining Forum to be held on Wednesday will draw a hundred people alone.

It is precisely to share the importance related to the mining world that the organizing committee has appealed to Real Daigneault, Professor at UQAC and director of the Consortium of Mineral Exploration Research (CONSOREM), to chair of honor . “There is an excitement for mining projects despite a slowing global economy. With the Plan Nord, there are good prospects and must position themselves for the future, “he noted.

At the forum, we will present the progress of mining projects such as those of the Renard Diamond Stornoway, Nemaska ​​Lithium Phosphate and Arianne.

Mayor Lucien Boivin ensures that the first edition was a success and the companies that participated have benefited. “The response has been tremendous. There were large companies such as Blackrock Metals and Arianne Phosphate. Entrepreneurs were able to ask questions to the leaders. They had to date information. It’s been beneficial for them, “he said.

Several contractors should be present for this second edition. Conferences are planned, including the mayor of Kuujjuaq, Tunu Napartuk, Thursday, June 9 In the afternoon we provide a networking golf tournament followed by a conference on the potential of biochar.

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