Long walks in the cold promote weight loss

Долгие прогулки на морозе способствуют похудению

The eternal problem of women: what you need to do to be all there, but not to get better at it. Actually, it’s not that hard

That is all and not get better, most women dream of. Specialists in health practically came to this, writes Clutch.

Долгие прогулки на морозе способствуют похудению

It is understood that, in any case, to lose weight, really doing nothing — will not work. But to do it without dieting — it is possible to try.

Method # 1: right from excess weight.

It may be one small problem: in wide circles to find it is still unrealistic. In the United States by specialists of the medical Department of the University of Texas in Galveston was established drug, which affects the expression of protein NNMT. Therefore, it does not allow him to slow down the process of fat metabolism in the body.

The experiment was conducted with mice, which revealed that the use of this drug helps to normalize the cholesterol in the body and a third to reduce the amount of adipose tissue.

At the moment, is the best way to lose weight, and it has absolutely everything. We can only wait when this wonderful tool will be available to all.

Method # 2: take a walk in the cold

Долгие прогулки на морозе способствуют похудению

Japanese psychologists have proved that a long walk in the cold promote weight loss — according to them, this is one of the best and easy ways to lose weight.

So, their research showed that regular two-hour walking tour for six weeks concentration increases in the body brown fat, thereby decreasing the amount of white — it creates an ugly shape.

Method # 3: focus on foods with a low carbohydrate

Minimizing the consumption of carbohydrates, you force the body to use as the primary source of energy not glucose, but fatty acids and ketones. In this method of nutrition the body is set to energy saving mode, it means that the muscles become more resilient, and the cells aging slower, so this method can be considered not only effective for weight loss, but also a kind of “elixir of youth” — such conclusion was made by the biologists from Rockefeller University.

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