Long-term friendship between Jolie and Celine Dion collapsed: “Caught by surprise”

Многолетняя дружба между Джоли и Селин Дион рухнула: "Застала врасплох"

Between old friends Celine Dion and Angelina Jolie scandal

Celine Dion has long wanted to make a biopic about himself, suggesting that the main role will be played by her longtime friend and sex symbol Angelina Jolie. However, the actress stopped this idea, because of what is between stars had a quarrel, reports ewn.

Многолетняя дружба между Джоли и Селин Дион рухнула: "Застала врасплох"

For several years now, Celine Dion is obsessed with the idea of making a musical film which will be based on her biography. The artist wanted the painting spoke not only about her journey to fame, but also about the relationship with the deceased husband Rene Angelina. Starring Dion saw his friend angelina Jolie. However, Hollywood diva unexpectedly rejected suggestions of a friend.

Jolie explained its refusal by lack of time for shooting. Now the fate of the tape is at risk.

“For many years the main passion Celine was the creation of a musical about her life. She wanted to film was dedicated to her children and fans, and was caught off guard when Angie turned down the role,” reports the insider.

Now Angelina Jolie very rarely in films, she has to deny even renowned filmmakers. The actress has focused on charity work and directing.

Also, after the divorce with pitt, Jolie began to pay more attention to the upbringing of children. Fans suggest that the failure of the stars from the interesting roles have been dictated by its employment in other projects.

Многолетняя дружба между Джоли и Селин Дион рухнула: "Застала врасплох"

Insiders close to Celine Dion’s claim that the singer was offended by Jolie. Most likely after the fight on the friendship of celebrities will come to naught.

“Their friendship will not survive this, and the refusal of the Actresses on the level of Angie could be the end for the entire project,” said a close friend of the canadian singer.

Celebrities have not commented on the rumors about the fight. Recently, Celine Dion attended the ball of the costume Met Gala-2019 and you looked very happy.

The star appeared in a silver outfit and original headdress decorated with feathers.

But Angelina Jolie missed the Met Gala, as most of the activities. Now she prefers not to attend social events and spend the time more usefully.

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