Long braids without problems: what to do to speed up hair growth

Длинные косы без проблем: что делать, чтобы ускорить рост волос

World experts gave good tips that will help to grow long, healthy hair

Every woman dreams about healthy and beautiful hair. And in order to grow long braids, there are several ways that you can accelerate hair growth.

Get rid of split ends

Beauty experts recommend that you regularly trim split ends. So, according to hairstylist Vernon Francois, the removal of a few millimeters at the ends allows the hair not to delaminate.

Длинные косы без проблем: что делать, чтобы ускорить рост волос


Moisturize hair nourishing conditioner, especially if you have colored hair.relink id=”767772″]

“Special attention should be paid to the ends, as this is the driest part of the hair and the moisturizer reduces breakage,” explains Francois.


Another effective way to grow long hair — intensely massage the scalp during shampooing.

The massage stimulates hair follicles and increases blood flow, which positively affects the hair growth.

Follow the diet

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Experts advise to go for balanced diet to get thick hair.

The American nutritionist Mary Marlow recommends eating foods rich in iron, zinc, vitamin C, b vitamins, and omega-3 for strengthening and hair growth.

Also, experts suggest to remedy the lack of vitamins in the diet nutritional supplements.

Длинные косы без проблем: что делать, чтобы ускорить рост волос

Silk pillow case

Beauty experts believe that it is better to sleep on silk pillowcase because it does not dry the hair and reduces friction.

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