Logic Suite, a choral piece that promises

benoit-arcand-jeremie-desbiens-ciThe Theatre will present the 2X4 promising and visionary piece Logic Suite this summer at Roberval.

This is the third part of the summer cycle of the author Maxime Champagne. This new creation is intended as a choral piece for four performers.

It offers a narrative constructed in the manner of the butterfly effect. Following a consultation with a light, Regis is predicted that, by itself, it will rock the world. Each person he meets will be carrier of this curse and will begin a terrible chain reaction.

Borrowing from the room Sketches, Suite Logic will offer the public a contemporary fable where the characters will struggle to escape their inevitable fate.

“Spectators who attended the first two shows will recognize some of the characters they already met since the author likes to make a nod to its other parts.

“But a new viewer will find just as much his account,” says the actor Benoît Arcand.

“This year, the author transports us into a surreal universe. A breath of fresh air in the world of theater in the summer, “he continues.

Starring Benoît Arcand, Edith Arvisais Jeremiah Desbiens and Laurence Regnier, the comedy will be featured on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays between 31 July and 23 August, at the Lionel Villeneuve room.

Finally, Jean-Gascon Belzil is staged, while the scenography is signed by Xavier Mary.

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