Loboda was criticized for the appearance of the cemetery: “disrespect”

Лободу раскритиковали за внешний вид на кладбище: «неуважение»

Svetlana Loboda is divided almost every step with the fans

This time a Ukrainian singer, moved to Russia, has decided to treat his fans with a photo from the cemetery.

Loboda’s post on his page on the social network Instagram. She wrote: “May the angels preserve us”. For this recording the artist attached a photograph. Which is in front of burial crypt with a statue of the virgin.

Лободу раскритиковали за внешний вид на кладбище: «неуважение»

It is worth noting that the 36-year-old singer decided not to bother much with the form of clothing for a sad place and picked something she was comfortable.

Loboda dressed in black sports pants, feeling the size of her more. In hooded sweater and a white jacket. Her hair is black hat, and on his feet white sneakers.

Users immediately took notice of her appearance: “What’s their clothes? weighs like the homeless”.

One of the fans even wrote a whole rant in which he protested the behavior of the stars on the show “the Voice. Children”, where she judged young talents. “Dumb for such “artists” as Loboda, after what happened on the Voice-kids! No words of support Michelle. This is not an adult and dumb to behave like that, like — I didn’t do… for others and support and congratulations, and Hiking to Pugacheva… my dislike and disrespect to like Quinoa! I like DJ more than any of her songs not put on the dance floor! Even for money!!! A shame,” said Internet user.

As for the other followers of the singer, they just wished her well: “May the angel be always near…”, “Let the angel protect You and your loved ones.”

Лободу раскритиковали за внешний вид на кладбище: «неуважение»

As previously reported, Loboda complained about her hard life in Russia.

Лободу раскритиковали за внешний вид на кладбище: «неуважение»

The singer in the program “Evening Urgant” told about a poor life in Russia, claiming that she earns is not enough. Disgraced in Ukraine, the singer has complained that cannot afford to buy gold and claims that only wears cheap jewelry. About the artist ironically told Ivan Urgant, a popular Russian show.

Лободу раскритиковали за внешний вид на кладбище: «неуважение»

Лободу раскритиковали за внешний вид на кладбище: «неуважение»

To the question about how things are going at the artist, she said – “with God’s help,” adding that collects the money. “Work, collect rings,” admitted the actress.

Loboda commented on his appearance, saying that is not gold, it’s more preferable to her silver and even costume jewelry. In addition, the Ukrainian singer has complained that no one gives her the diamonds. The question Urgant about whether the singer’s private jet, the actress replied: “not Yet earned”.

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🕊may the angels keep us

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We will remind, Svetlana Loboda in the black has led to confusion of fans.

As reported Politeka, Svetlana Loboda no makeup stunned appearance.

Also Politeka wrote that Svetlana Loboda accused of new plagiarism.