Loboda threw a kiss with a famous man: “I did not expect one”

Лобода ошарашила поцелуем с известным мужчиной: "такого не ожидал никто"

Famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who has been living and working in Russia, often pleases fans of photos and videos in skimpy outfits

So, this time in the Stories on his page in social network Instagram Svetlana Loboda has published two new pictures, which is next to Igor Krutoy.

The producer is wearing a blue suit, Loboda also in blue super-short dress, showing the absence of clothes on the singer.

Лобода ошарашила поцелуем с известным мужчиной: "такого не ожидал никто"

Outfit of the performer emphasizes a flat stomach and long slender legs.

On one of the images Loboda stretches to Steep, to kiss him.

Unfortunately, users have no ability to comment on photos and videos posted Stories. Fans likely remained delighted with such a flamboyant outfit.

Recall that Svetlana Loboda “thrown room” in Russia.

Rosssmi write that the star begged Igor Krutoy to relieve it from the performance of the song Pugacheva. Then – followed the whole story with sharp turns.

As you know, in Russia very popular creative evening of Igor Krutoy, these conventional festivals, and more precisely, large-scale concerts — an ideal field for artistic ambitions:

Лобода ошарашила поцелуем с известным мужчиной: "такого не ожидал никто"

“The stars are in possession of immortal hits, for several decades, incredibly accurate way of reflecting the musical needs of the Russian mussentuchit, and the composer himself at the piano as a sign of superstatus” — referred to in the “MK”.

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Moreover, in the evenings, a very popular have long been performed hits of authorship itself Alla Pugacheva:

“The execution of Pugachev hit for many artists has been a welcome adventure, despite the fact that there is always a risk disgrace to the whole neighborhood”. So the evening of the composer-hero of the day trapped in a “mismatch” and got a Russian singer of Ukrainian origin, Svetlana Loboda, which went “Live quietly in the country”.

It is known that Loboda to execute the hit of the prima Donna of the Russian platform did not want and asked Igor Krutoy to change the decision – “too immodest” said the Loboda about the balance, but all Loboda performed at the concert, however, his own half-naked as usual

Recall, Loboda in black has confused fans.

As reported Politeka, Loboda no makeup stunned appearance.

Also Politeka wrote that quinoa was accused of new plagiarism.