Loboda ridiculed because of the failure of the outfit: “from myself kicks”

Лободу высмеяли из-за неудачного наряда: "Сама от себя кайфует"

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who now lives and works in Russia, likes to attract attention and to shock the audience that actively shows on their pages in social networks

The most Loboda also often puts a seductive and sometimes frankly weird pictures and therefore often runs into criticism from fans.

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The singer went on holiday to Italy. The artist actively sharing photos and videos from your journey.

In particular, Loboda has published in his Instagram with colorful pictures on the background of the impressive architecture of the city.

And recently, the celebrity has put gorgeous video, going on vacation in Monte Carlo, Monaco. So, the actress opted for a steamy night short outfit with a deep neckline and a massive coat, noting the long legs in the lobby.

“😂”—succinctly signed Loboda. Followers not passed: “Chic😻😂”, “Expensive-rich”, ” Light of the world! 😂 👌 🏻 ❤ I”, “noteiii🔥🔥🔥”, “Light does not even look like men, layers falling at her feet 😁”, “Flying gait you came out of….and disappeared from view….😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️🔥”, “Perfect gait❤ it’s amazing But what you hurt got carried away😅”, “Gait… 😍”, “Goddess❤this🔥”.

Лободу высмеяли из-за неудачного наряда: "Сама от себя кайфует"Лободу высмеяли из-за неудачного наряда: "Сама от себя кайфует"Лободу высмеяли из-за неудачного наряда: "Сама от себя кайфует"Лободу высмеяли из-за неудачного наряда: "Сама от себя кайфует"

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Earlier, the actress showed how to wear the bathing suit came to the gym, it is noteworthy that close to mom sits and eldest daughter Loboda – eve, also seems to be wanting to train.

Лободу высмеяли из-за неудачного наряда: "Сама от себя кайфует"

As you know, earlier media wrote that Loboda allegedly threw a tantrum at a music festival “White nights”.There, at the event in St. Petersburg, Russia, the singer made a real scandal only due to the fact that it is not organized as a party, a VIP dressing room.

Such information has spread in insider pages, noting that:

“The artists had to crowd of 2-3 people in one room, there was no dressing room”. Fans of the actress immediately began to discuss written and even agreed on the opinion that the singer ought to have “fix the crown” — that’s too arrogant because of his popularity in Russia and abroad. But today, a few hours ago, Svetlana decided to comment on the scandal allegedly emerged at the festival:

“No scandals, claims to organizers and other incidents at the festival “White Nights” was not.👌 and, as Bulgakov said: “do Not read until dinner Newspapers” 😎 p. S. there are so many different crap🤣…” – wrote the singer in Instagram. The fans literally blew up the new post comments.

As you know, the “White nights” — one of the biggest pop festivals in Russia. It is held in St. Petersburg since 1992.

Recall, Loboda in Paris shown in all extreme mini.

As reported Politeka, hot Loboda showed ass in a candid pose.

Also Politeka wrote that Loboda has published a fully naked picture.