Loboda puzzled network abrupt changes in appearance: “Dose”

Лобода озадачила сеть резкими изменениями во внешности: «Доза»

Popular Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda was criticized by fans for dramatic changes in appearance

The girl published in Instagram.

So, the singer posing with a glass of champagne, leaning against the wall on one of the public events.

Лобода озадачила сеть резкими изменениями во внешности: «Доза»

Netizens noticed the troubled look emaciated and markedly her legs. This was the reason for the sharp comments from the users.

“Dose rzhaka just”, “the horror, the bogeyman. Man man”, “what ugly feet”, “cigarettes are not enough”, “legs like skeleton”, “the horror. Look sick,” they write.

As previously reported, Igor Krutoy on his page on Instagram has exposed frame with Svetlana where she is not quite in a favorable light.

On the face Svetlana Loboda without glasses reflected her age, and tiredness.

“Looking at these photos, I again plunged into an extraordinary atmosphere recitals at the “New wave”, – shared the impressions the composer. The artist thus looks at the camera, giving their true views.

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And recently, the star was resting, with his feet on the battery and trying every way to warm up. She noted that it got very cold and while it’s resting, the fans already have to wait before the concert. After the actress added that she will be warm, though is not, as the cold is kept outside.

After the artist released several commercials in the section of stories, which showed how going to the car and ready to go to another concert.

Earlier we wrote that in his Instagram Svetlana Loboda has published two photos of her posing backstage.

Her blue shiny suit: skirt and top, which looks perfect abs of the singer.

Лобода озадачила сеть резкими изменениями во внешности: «Доза»

Recall, Loboda staged dances for adults under her own record

As reported Politeka, daughter Loboda brought the mother to tears by his act

Also Politeka wrote that Loboda no bra trimmed the excess in the leopard dress