Loboda kissing hot handsome: “finally”

Лобода целовалась с горячим красавцем: «наконец-то»

Svetlana Loboda decided to treat their fans with a spicy snapshot

The photo Ukrainian singer, who left to build a career in Russia, kissing hot gorgeous.

Svetlana Loboda on the page in social network Instagram posted a photo of a kiss with an interesting man. Couple standing on the airfield in a small aircraft with lowered ramp.

Лобода целовалась с горячим красавцем: «наконец-то»

In one photo Loboda kissing man on the cheek, and on the other they are leaping laughing.

“Bye Bye, Monaco. Hello, Sardinia” (“Goodbye, Monaco, hi, Sardinia”), so signed photographs of the star.

It turned out that the outrageous singer gave her a hot kiss famous Georgian and Ukrainian designer Nicole Tetradze. Celebrities dressed in all black. On the head of Svetlana’s bright and original hat.

“Well done, Svetulya finally bought the plane! Congratulations!”, “Cats”, “Cool you to relax, elegant shoes”, “Who pays for the jet? Glasses like free flies, It’s not you,”– responded to fans Loboda on the with a kiss.

As we wrote earlier, Svetlana Loboda likes to attract attention and to shock the audience that actively shows on their pages in social networks. Recently, Svetlana has shown how knows how to relax in full.

Лобода целовалась с горячим красавцем: «наконец-то»

Лобода целовалась с горячим красавцем: «наконец-то»

Лобода целовалась с горячим красавцем: «наконец-то»

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The fact that the star lit up in an unusual way – got on the table after get-togethers with alcohol and made a wild dance on the table. No shame in this vytantsovyval before a strange handsome man.

We also reported that Loboda allegedly threw a tantrum at a music festival White nights in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.

There, the singer made a real scandal only due to the fact that it is not organized VIP dressing room.

“The artists had to crowd of 2-3 people in one room, because there were not enough dressing rooms,” – said the insider.

Fans of the actress immediately began to discuss the news and came to the opinion that the singer ought to have “fix the crown” — that’s too arrogant because of his popularity in Russia and abroad.

Лобода целовалась с горячим красавцем: «наконец-то»

Later Loboda commented on in social networks the scandal allegedly emerged at the festival: “there are No scandals, claims to organizers and other incidents at the festival “White Nights” was not.”

Recall, Loboda in Paris shown in all extreme mini.

As reported Politeka, hot Loboda showed ass in a candid pose.

Also Politeka wrote that Loboda has published a fully naked picture.