Lobbying Gerus business interests Kolomoisky is contrary to the interests of the Ukrainians, analyst

Лоббирование Герусом бизнес-интересов Коломойского противоречит интересам украинцев, — аналитик

For the import of electricity from Russia, lobbied by Andrei Gerus in the interests of Igor Kolomoisky, and other preferences, the businessman will pay the state and all Ukrainians

On 22 October in the air of channel 5 said investment analyst Sergey Fursa, write Facts

The expert noted that Igor Kolomoisky, who is the owner of Ferroalloy plants that consume a lot of electricity, need of cheap current. It is in his interest, the Chairman of the energy Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Gerus lobbied for the amendment, which allowed the import of electricity from Russia, which was not carried out in 2015.

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“Mr. Kolomoisky wants to get cheap electricity. He really needed it for his plants. Is it firm that can deal with the import of electricity is still coming from. In Belarus, you know, shrimp is mined and electricity. So I think that is one of the manifestations of the influence of Mr. Kolomoisky on the policy of the Ukrainian government. Unfortunately, such manifestations are many,” said Fursa.

He also mentioned corruption schemes Kolomoisky in state company “Centrenergo”, which the company of the oligarch sell coal at a higher price, and made him sell the electricity Ferroalloy enterprises Kolomoisky at unprofitable rates. And noted that such preferences are contrary to the business interests of the state and Ukrainians.

“I, as an investor, of course, wanted to be on the site Igor V. and also to produce electricity cheaper than all the rest. Especially if I was doing the Ferroalloy business, where electricity is 50% of the cost. So, of course, that’s not normal. Just electricity has always been a very sensitive issue for Igor, again, the Ferroalloy business. And here we have a vivid manifestation. But such manifestations very much like, for example, that Mr. Kolomoisky controls now “Centrenergo” and even doesn’t hide it. This is not the only cases where we see that Kolomoisky gets a lot, and this directly contradicts the interests of taxpayers,” said Fursa.