Loana : separate Phil Storm, she wants to QUICKLY regain the self – love Here

Between Loana and Phil Storm, the beautiful story came to an end last September. She confided on her new life without a man and said that she wanted to find love as soon as possible.

It is on Facebook that Loana announced to his followers, on the 22nd of September last, his break-up with Phil Storm that she had met a few months earlier. The lovers seemed to be at the top of their relationship, until Loana would eventually form part of their separation on the social networks : “I apologize for all that I could say or do that gets you to draw a line under it all. I was wrong in saying that I didn’t need you to exist, I need you for a lot more… “, she wrote sadly.

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Since then, Loana is still single. And one that celebrated its 40th anniversary last August 30 would like to find the love. Interviewed by the swiss daily, in The Morning, the ex-lofteuse confessed to getting tired of the loneliness and confided that she would not be against a bit of affection : “I suffer from lack of hugs,” she says. It’s going to really require that I find someone. […] I am often the good friend, the confidante, the big sister, but not one with whom one wants to spend his life, it is a pity. “

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Waiting for the prince charming, that she hoped to see land soon, Loana’d rather laugh this off-season in love : “It’s been months that I have not had intercourse. Sometimes I joke with my mom and told her that I would have to pay someone. At least I know what he’s going to do me, and the next day there will be no repercussions. “

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