“Like Zelensky” whether Andrei Palchevsky to oust Klitschko to take the post of mayor of Kiev

"Как у Зеленского": сможет ли Андрей Пальчевский потеснить Кличко и занять пост мэра Киева

Andrei Palchevsky in ranking potential candidates for the post of mayor of Kiev is now the second – this opinion was spread by spin doctor Alexei golobutsky

This writes Рoliteka with reference to the post author in the network.

The trend is unchanged — 24,2% of Kyiv residents are ready to support Palchevskogo on elections of the mayor of the capital, writes the author. According to the research of the “School of political analysis” Policy “, the survey was conducted in the period from 16 to 23 September. So we know that the current mayor Vitali Klitschko ready picramate is 46.1%, the third in the ranking of the award — Mykola Tomenko from 12.9%:

“And why not Palchevskogo, in the end? First, the social trend is not yet broken by the cruel reality: people want a bright pleasant charismatic public figures, trust them and finds it acceptable to upgrade the power. And while the rating Zelensky is kept at more than 70%, it is unlikely that it hurt to use the prevailing trend other public figure “from the TV” ” — the author writes about the similarities of coming policy public media-persons. On the example of Vladimir Zelensky Andrey Palchevsky everything should be similar and the last one has a significant chance of success “formula”.

"Как у Зеленского": сможет ли Андрей Пальчевский потеснить Кличко и занять пост мэра Киева

Moreover, according to the analyst, he will likely electoral success:

“While on the same Foundation as the success Zelensky: the rejection of the old regime on the verge of irrational phobias, when arguments are not fundamental — but what those arguments are missing.”

Also golobutsky satanachia that the absence of the party and the team, plus more, as shown by the experience of the presidential and parliamentary elections, less than%

“Moreover, Kiev have before our eyes the example of activity of party factions in the city Council: in fact it is natural sabotage in the vast majority of cases. Therefore, the presence or absence of political organization, saboteurs — not exactly the argument that will determine the winner in the election of the mayor.”

"Как у Зеленского": сможет ли Андрей Пальчевский потеснить Кличко и занять пост мэра Киева

The expert also notes, even when opponents attempt to discredit Palchevskogo his experience with the “Party of beer lovers” — and here they probably lose:

“… You know, more chances that it mobilizes young and not so young apolitical nihilists for it than a scandal and discredit to the loss of rating. In the end, maybe someone else will include in this question the party “How would you respond?”. But I suspect that the options “Never vote for this Palchevskogo!”, “I don’t care” and “He will come into this game — sounds like fun!” A decent number of voters will choose the third option. So I would consider starting 24,2% palchevsky as a serious claim, ” concluded the author.

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Recall also, Palchevsky said the TV channel “112 Ukraine” that separates Zelensky and his team, as opposed to the leading “Voice of the people” Peter Magee, this should not be done.

Palchevskogo in his speech compared the President with well-known literary character of Timur. Rather, commented that Zelensky with his people just isn’t – “Timur and his team”. Anchorman sure to consider the activities, successes and defeats Zelensky should separate from his subordinates. In particular, because, according to Palchevsky that Zelensky “grabbed (people — approx. ed.) is very much superficial”.

“At the moment the President is not quite yet such a courtier, as we would like people grabbed a lot superficially. And as they say evil tongues, many picked up fleas. He looked at me, of course, offended, but to hell with them, with our…” – said Palchevskogo.

The point of view of political expert (on the division — approx. ed) not all support. This became clear when Palchevskogo mentioned the words of the new Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk, when he said that the entire political team is responsible Zelensky. According to palchevsky, at least “as a man, he had to say: “the Responsibility of economic at least I have”.

Earlier it was reported about sensational confession of Andrei palchevsky about the office in Kiev. Namely, he said that he would take part in elections, but under one condition – if you see a success in the ratings.

We will remind, Andrey Palchevsky abroad has shown to be learned, the Ukrainians: “Why are we not so?”.

As reported Politeka, Palchevskogo is preparing to send Klitschko to knockout: “it is Necessary to podnimut them to share”.

Also Politeka wrote that Andrei Palchevsky goes to the mayor of Kiev, a sensational confession: “I’m Bored!”.