Like trash TV Star-traitor of Ukraine caught up with Kara. Hard paycheck

Как мусор...Телезвезду-предателя Украины настигла кара. Жесткий час расплаты

A deserter of the APU, which gave the positions of the Ukrainian military, the militants, will spend behind bars for 10 years

About it on his account on the social network Facebook wrote a resource “Vertov espresso”. As it became known, with the support of the Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk region in the district court of the city of Mariupol, 39-year-old anti-aircraft gunners who sided with the enemy, sentenced to real punishment.

Как мусор...Телезвезду-предателя Украины настигла кара. Жесткий час расплаты

“During the trial established that on 23 January 2016, a man, being at platoon strong point near the village of Chermalyk in Donetsk region, with the aim of promoting the criminal activities of the terrorist organization “DNR” voluntarily left the place of military service. Taking with him 2 of the Kalashnikov assault rifle “AKS-74U and AKS-74” and stores them, a deserter had crossed the line of demarcation to further participate in the activities of the illegal military formation of a terrorist organization “DNR”, — wrote in the message.

Moreover, the traitor took part in various television programmes where he was interviewed. There he was told about the position of the APU. But the moment the deserter was does not need fighters, he was arrested and then handed over to the Ukrainian side, along with the prisoners.

“The specified actions of the former soldier qualified under part 1 article 258-3 (participation in a terrorist organization), part 3 of article 408 (desertion) and part 3 of article 410 (theft, appropriation, extortion servicemen of weapons, battle supplies, explosive or other fighting substances, vehicles, military and special equipment or other military property, as well as taking them through fraud or abuse of official position) UK of Ukraine “, — said in a note .

Как мусор...Телезвезду-предателя Украины настигла кара. Жесткий час расплаты

After examining all the evidence, the court could conclude that the arguments of the Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk region are reasonable. Therefore, militants sentenced to a sentence of real imprisonment for 10 years.

Examining all the evidence, the court came to the conclusion about the reasonability of the arguments of the office of the Prosecutor to the accused, the final sentence with real imprisonment, and therefore the next 10 years of his life man spend in jail.

We will remind that fighters of the armed forces has dealt a crushing blow to the invaders in OOS.

As reported Politeka, drunk as he is a traitor SBU Prozorov was on video.

Also Politeka wrote that APU gave the occupants a hell in the Donbas.