Like the terminator: in the human body found three “superpowers”

Словно терминатор: в организме человека нашли три "суперспособности"

The human body is an amazing thing, full of powers which are still not solved by science

Our body is an amazing biological machine, which performs the unimaginable thousand operations per second. In this volume we present 3 the most striking things that our body performs on a daily basis.

Словно терминатор: в организме человека нашли три "суперспособности"

The most difficult thing in our galaxy — the human brain

Recently, scientists were sure that the number of neurons in the human brain does not exceed 110 billion. However, this number increased significantly after researchers discovered the synapses. Synapses are Telegraph poles of the mind, their function is to establish connections between individual neurons. The number of synapses in the brain reaches a trillion, ten thousand times more than the number of stars in our galaxy.

The human brain is the most amazing mystery. Every day he does about 20 million operations per second. No computer at the moment can compare in speed of information processing of our brain. Japanese scientists in 2015, tried to simulate the human brain, using 90 thousand computer processors. One second for 50 minute experience they were able to roughly approach the power of the human biocomputer.

Our stomach is like cannibalism

In our stomach produced by a Muco – protein lubricant that protects body from exposure to acid. But even the protective mucus are not able to completely suppress the influence of hydrochloric acid so the stomach digests its own tissues. However, due to its good ability to regenerate, the tissue of the stomach recover faster than they dissolve the acid.

You can get cancer thousands of times per day

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Cancer is the eternal damnation of the human body. It is possible for life to avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco, however your chances to acquire this dangerous disease still come down to 40%.

This happens because the cancer is relatively easy to develop. When the cell accumulates mutations, its natural programme for self-destruction is broken and she becomes extremely aggressive towards the rest of the body. It begins to consume excessive nutrients and actively growing.

Словно терминатор: в организме человека нашли три "суперспособности"

Studies claim that each of the billions of cells in your body, there’s is a few thousand threat changes. The human body, like the hero of the film “the Terminator” gets a lot of dangerous attacks, but continues to effectively execute its work. That is, we run the risk of getting cancer is approximately several thousand times a day.

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