“Like Putin”: the plane spotted Akhmetov, the oligarch partying in…

«Как у Путина»: самолет Ахметова засекли, олигарх просаживает деньги в…

Ukrainian rich rested “Royal” this spring

At the may holidays, the Ukrainian oligarchs fly to the Bahamas and vacationed in Europe.

Among the destinations of the oligarchs a lot of interesting things, as evidenced by the tracking service Flight Aware.

It is reported by UNN:

“The Falcon 7X aircraft with tail number M-SCMG arrived in Switzerland from the English town of Farnborough. Before that, he landed in the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, and to Britain flew out of Miami.” As you know, he belongs to billionaire Rinat Akhmetov.

«Как у Путина»: самолет Ахметова засекли, олигарх просаживает деньги в…

According to media reports, previously, Rinat Akhmetov bought a model airplane similar to the one that is at the disposal of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Also specified that the market value of the vessel, which is also called “the plane of the Arab sheikhs”, reaches 50 million dollars.

“The Bombardier Global 6000, with tail number G-XXRS two days ago, I arrived in the airport “Boryspil” with a cosy Italian city of Bergamo. Before this Board had been in Zurich (Switzerland), Le Bourget (France) and Farnborough (England) “. This transport, according to jetleaks, owned by Ukrainian businessman and people’s Deputy Konstantin Zhevago.

“The Bombardier Challenger 300, tail number M-CLAB, April 13, flew from London to Ostend (Belgium) and has not yet left this place.” According jetleaks, the plane is owned by businessman Alexander Yaroslavsky.

It is noteworthy that the planes that belong to Ukrainian oligarchs, it is difficult to track due to the limited owners of access:

“Through the service Fight Aware it is impossible to track the Gulfstream G280 with tail number VP-CVH. It is the Property of the people’s Deputy Vitaly Homutinnikova” — referred to in the material.

We will remind, the head of the anti-corruption Bureau Sytnyk good “fun” during the holidays. So during the last vacation, he broke two quads, but for the repairs was never paid. The incident occurred in a luxury hunting ground “woodlands-Sarny” in Rivne region:

“During the last holiday the family rush broke two ATV brand Bagi BRP 1000, the average price per unit of such equipment – 8,5 thousand dollars.”

«Как у Путина»: самолет Ахметова засекли, олигарх просаживает деньги в…

Paid the same “consequences” of the rest of the family Sytnik Nikolai Nadeko:

“Don’t owe him anything and not obligated to him. He belongs to the comrades who deny the power of his life principles, I cannot,” answered the latter to the journalists ‘ question about why there is such generosity towards Mr. Sytnik.

We will remind, Komarov attacked with a weapon: “covered in blood”, the video of the attack .

As reported Politeka, a priest attacked with a knife during the service: the brutal attack was caught on video.

Politeka previously reported, the wife of the main fighter against money laundering “caught” the criminal schemes.