Like Meghan Markle managed to get Prince brother of the Duchess revealed the truth

Как Меган Маркл удалось заполучить принца: брат герцогини раскрыл правду

Megan’s brother Markle has said what he thinks about the relative

Half-brother of the wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle, Thomas Markle, Jr., again unpleasant spoke about the relative. According to him, all that reached his sister she owes the father.

In particular, the brother said Megan would never become a Duchess, if not the Pope, writes Mail Online. After all, Thomas Sr. paid for the education of the future wife of the Prince, bought her fashionable and pretty clothes.

As noted by Megan’s brother, sister appeared at Buckingham Palace thanks to the care of his father, which helped her become an exceptional woman.

Как Меган Маркл удалось заполучить принца: брат герцогини раскрыл правду

While Thomas Jr. considers himself a bad brother and is ready to do everything to put an end to a long family feud. In particular, he said that he wanted to fix it, until it was too late. Thomas Jr. wants, so Megan and father reconciled. This brother not sure it will ever happen.

Как Меган Маркл удалось заполучить принца: брат герцогини раскрыл правду

Putin went not a little-known politician was stunned by the confession: “I Kissed you…”
In the world

Recall that after the revelation in the film “Harry and Megan: African journey”, the British and other Western media began even more “attack” Meghan Markle, say, found something to complain about (journalists are sometimes too insistent, said the Duchess).

Its position Meghan Markle decided to once again indirectly explain media:

“I don’t want to be loved. I just want to hear me — especially when I talk about important things, such as, for example, mental health.”

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Earlier we wrote that the brother of the Duchess of Sussex, starred in the controversial advertising. Thomas lit up in the beer commercial “Big Apple”, all anything, here only without the “Royal” decorations and titles has not been — 53-year-old man appears in a 30-second clip in a black suit, during a robbery “Buckingham Palace”.

Как Меган Маркл удалось заполучить принца: брат герцогини раскрыл правду

It is known that the script for the advertisement was written by the CEO of the company “Classic New York Beer”. So in the story — Thomas Markle Jr. grabs the crown of the Queen Elizabeth II, but after says beer and decides to take the bottle.

Earlier we wrote that the US President Donald trump has intervened in a scandal involving the wife of Prince Harry. According to trump, the Duchess of Sussex should not be too close to the heart to take the words of journalists.

We will remind that it became known as earned Meghan Markle before her marriage with Prince Harry.

As reported Politeka, Queen Elizabeth II has humiliated the new Prime Minister, a photo spread network.

Also Politeka wrote that famous surgeon caught Kate Middleton on the use of Botox