“Like in a horror movie”: a ferocious monster attacked the family of tourists in nature, the details

"Как в фильме ужасов": свирепый монстр атаковал семью туристов на природе, подробности

Camping turned into tragedy for a family with two children

In Canada, in Banff national Park for tourists who slept in a tent that was attacked by a wolf. This publication reports the Mercury News.

The head of the family named Matthew stood in the way of the wolf, trying to protect the family. The animal grabbed his arm and tried to pull out of the tent. Wife of the victim lay on the children, covering them with his body, and held her husband’s legs, not allowing the wolf to carry off man.

“It was like a horror movie,” admitted Eliza Rispoli, wife of the victim.

The screams woke up their neighbor in the campsite. Russ Fi immediately rushed to help the family: “the Screams were so strong that I knew it was obviously a terrible situation. I ran to the tent and just kicked the wolf in the back of the thigh”. He risked a lot, because the wolf could immediately switch to it.

"Как в фильме ужасов": свирепый монстр атаковал семью туристов на природе, подробности

The animal let go of Matthew and jumped out of the tent. Men rushed after him, throwing stones. Meanwhile, ELISA and the two boys ran to the neighbor’s car. The family escaped, and the head of the family received several stab wounds and cuts on hands.

The representatives of the Agency, Parks Canada tracked on shot of the beast.

"Как в фильме ужасов": свирепый монстр атаковал семью туристов на природе, подробности

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Earlier it was reported that the bloody tragedy occurred in one of the regions of Russia. There’s a wolf attacked the 14-year-old girl and bitten her to death. The predator attacked the child, who went to the store to buy a candy bar. Local residents are outraged and blamed the incident local administration that is only now beginning to make decisions about fire hazards in the County.

The incident occurred in the night of 4 to 5 August. The wolf attacked the girl, bit his neck and dragged a few meters. The child’s father woke up after an hour, when the child is not returned home. He raised the alarm, but it was too late.

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