“Like dogs?”: a man while walking with your pet was struck by lightning, people’s reaction is shocking

«Как собаки?»: мужчину во время прогулки с питомцами ударила молния, реакция людей шокирует

In Texas a man while dog walking was the victim of a natural disaster, with the result that he became disabled

As reported Politeka, the corresponding video was published on Youtube.

So, the American Alex Coreas Thursday walked with the dogs three shepherds. When he went to his car, he was struck by lightning. The power of the elements took over shoes.

“Surveillance cameras animal hospital Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital demonstrates how Alex instantly fell to the ground, while his frightened dog ran away”, — stated in the message.

After a few seconds it resorted veterinary clinic staff and to provide first medical shoes.

“The situation looked bad Alex wasn’t moving and wasn’t breathing, and his clothing was charred. His shoes and socks were thrown off their feet. We turned him over, and opened access to the air. We hit him on the back, saying, “All right. You got hit by lightning,” said veterinarian Kristi of Mittler.

After the man regained consciousness in the hospital, he asked the local Sheriff to convey the message that “I am very grateful for everything they did.”

Specify that in the result of incident the man received burns to the entire body. He also became deaf in his left ear.

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At the same time, netizens wondering what happened to the dogs.

“What about dogs? OK”, “I’m more worried about the dogs,” “it Seems that the last dog softened the blow and probably saved the man”, “like this. Dog is man’s best friend. But what about,” they write.

«Как собаки?»: мужчину во время прогулки с питомцами ударила молния, реакция людей шокирует

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