Lightning one blow has destroyed 40 houses, all on fire: details of the accident

Молния одним ударом уничтожила 40 домов, все в огне: подробности катастрофы

The raging element caused damage on a huge amount

One lightning strike wiped out 40 houses on wheels.

The accident happened in Spain in the town of Ventalló (Autonomous community Catalonia). The zipper was in a car Park where stood a house on wheels, the newspaper El Periodico.

Молния одним ударом уничтожила 40 домов, все в огне: подробности катастрофы

Lightning caused a fire and began a large-scale fire.

The result is burning everything. The fire extended on the area of 1.5 thousand square meters. To fight the fire came six fire brigades. Rescuers barely calmed the flames.

The fire burned 40 homes on wheels. Whether there are victims in the incident was not reported.

It is noted that on Sunday, August 11, in Catalonia, heavy rains fell. In the result of heavy rain flooded many streets in the settlements, closures.

As we wrote earlier, in the Canary Islands started a fire in the woods.

In Gran Canaria, what is included in the Canary Islands from Saturday burning wood. The fire has already engulfed more than a thousand hectares. To extinguish the fire the fire Department can not because the big areas. Thousands of people were evacuated from their homes. This was announced by the President of the Canary Islands angel Victor Torres.

In extinguishing the fire involved more than 200 people, five helicopters and five other aircraft and seaplane. Torres noted that Andalusia will send reinforcements from the military unit of emergencies.

The fire started at noon on Saturday, August 10, in the area of Juncalito, in the municipality of Artenara. Assume that the fire originated from a spark from a welding machine, worked with 55-year-old Spaniard. Already arrested him.

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Молния одним ударом уничтожила 40 домов, все в огне: подробности катастрофы

Also earlier it was reported that in Russia, burning millions of hectares of forests in Siberia. People for a long time just suffocate from Gary, and the animals continue to die in the woods. This government is not going to take any action until the last moment. All over the world took action in support of Siberia.

It became known that the area of the fires has already exceeded more than 1,11 million ha, in the control zone where the fire is not quenched by the decision of the regional Commission on CHS is 89 fires with a total area of 1.09 million hectares. Officials felt that the potential damage from a fire below the planned costs for extinguishing.

Locals complain of headaches, dizziness, nausea, and an unbearable smell, and I call on the government to solve the problem.

We will remind, Putin refused to extinguish Siberia, Russia on the brink of disaster.

As reported Politeka, fires in Siberia nobody puts: the truth surfaced.

Also Politeka wrote that helpless Putin ran for help to the enemy because of the fires in Siberia.