“Life” was struck by the Frank story about a victim of bullying: “The worst to come…”

«Окна жизни» поразили откровенной историей о жертве буллинга: «Самое страшное впереди…»

Bullying at school drove girl to suicide

Did the girl cope with the problem? Informative video on this topic appeared on the Youtube channel “life”.

In the video of his terrifying story of survival in the school shared 16-year-old Alina. She admits that only six months ago, she wanted to commit suicide – jumping off the 12th floor. The reason for this, as it is now called Alina a “stupid” decision, was the fact that she was a victim of bullying.

«Окна жизни» поразили откровенной историей о жертве буллинга: «Самое страшное впереди…»

The girl openly said that she, as a tenth-grader, met with a young man who studied in her school, but in senior year.

“Our class was quite anxious and so I had frequent overtures from classmates,” admits Alina. She adds that at first does not pay for these “courtship” of attention and thought that was just a joke, but then things became more serious – “crossed the line”.

One day one of her classmates got a little too frisky and started blatantly hitting on the girl. According to Alina, she broke down and complained to my boyfriend.

“I just know that I wouldn’t do it,” – said the girl, adding that her young man immediately went to her abuser in order to deal with it.

Needless to say, a fight broke out between guys. The conflict saw the principal of the school, which, according to Alina, brought to your office by her boyfriend and schoolmate and, without hesitation, and not very familiar, expelled them from school.

Alina cried for the whole night, couldn’t even think that the worst it still lies ahead.

“After this whole situation I hated the entire class. At first they just didn’t talk to me, then began the most terrible…”, – says the girl.

Her school mates started to literally push around. About Alina posted a fake story on the social network, she regularly received from classmates posts in which they wrote that I hate her and I dream that she left school.

The classmates didn’t stop. Insults Alina started to listen in the school in the open. Her eyes were saying nasty things not only about herself but also about her family. Moreover, the case begin to come to blows: “I was pushed”. But that’s not all. Classmates wrote on the walls nasty things about the girl.

Alina didn’t know what to do and who to contact for help. Every night she wept bitterly in her room. Why not tell your parents? “Because I thought that the problem will not go away, but, on the contrary, they will be even more,” – explains his silence the girl.

Alina began to appear thoughts about suicide as the only solution to get rid of problems with classmates. One day, coming home from school, where she was again subjected to harassment from classmates, Alina decided to jump from the 12th floor.

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«Окна жизни» поразили откровенной историей о жертве буллинга: «Самое страшное впереди…»

“No one was home, and I’m about an hour up to this act,” the girl admits. She managed during this time to write my parents a note that explained everything. Also sent your boyfriend a letter.

“I went to the window and began to look down and cry. I understood that this was my only chance to solve all the problems at once”, – recalls with a shudder Alina.

However it, fortunately, did not make the last fatal step: “wanted to Live!”. Also, Alina thought, that there are no unsolvable problems. She began to act decisively, to start a letter to parents breaking and removing parting message to my boyfriend. And the girl received a simple solution how to get rid of bullying, “I’ll just go to another school”.

Aline managed to make plans, and she was in another school. And I was right! She is doing well – learning and new friends. And the decision to jump from the window to call “stupid” which could make.

“Remember! There are no unsolvable problems. Show that you are stronger,” urges Alina.

We will remind that the law about bullying now in action: collapsed mass punishment for the persecution of children

As reported Politeka, bullying outlaw: it became known as the Ukrainian students and teachers will be punished for harassment

Also Politeka wrote that the children were in survival school, a scandal broke out: “even the toilets locks”