Life of 5-year-old child injured in an accident, hangs in the balance: “right vlupil”

Жизнь 5-летнего ребенка, пострадавшего в ДТП, висит на волоске: «прямо влупил»

In the accident died mother and an elder brother of Nikita

A terrible accident occurred near the city of Lutsk. A car collided with a passenger bus.

It is reported that the driver of the car left the main road and did not yield to the benefits of Shuttle bus going from Lutsk to Ternopil. The impact was so strong that the car was flattened and pushed, and the bus flew off the road and overturned.

Жизнь 5-летнего ребенка, пострадавшего в ДТП, висит на волоске: «прямо влупил»

According to witnesses of the accident, the driver of the car didn’t even try to brake.

In the car, помимо59-year-old driver was 28-year-old passenger and her two sons, 8-year-old Ivan and 5-year-old Nikita. Their driver decided neighbor a ride to the highway, where a woman with children wanted to catch a bus.

The driver and mother of the boys died instantly. Vanya died in the car “ambulance”. For the life of Nikita fighting doctors. The child is in very serious condition. About the incident he remembers nothing.

Nikita was diagnosed with a polytrauma, closed head injury, brain contusion and brain concussion, closed trauma of the chest and a bruised lung.

Journalists shocked the bus driver said: “He was driving stood up. Right vlupil”. According to him, the car in front of his bus appeared suddenly.

The bus was carrying 18 passengers. 12 of them received injuries of varying severity. Affected people were hospitalized.

The police on the fact of road accident opened criminal proceedings, pre-judicial investigation.

The funeral of the driver, mom, and brother Nikita will be held on Tuesday, April 23. The boy left only the father.

We also wrote that terrible accident shocked the Ukraine: as a result of collision one of the cars was completely destroyed, killing four people. The accident occurred near the village of Shapovalivka Konotop district, Sumy region.

Жизнь 5-летнего ребенка, пострадавшего в ДТП, висит на волоске: «прямо влупил»

Faced cars Chevrolet and VAZ-2107. The accident occurred fire one of them. 4 people died, one of the passengers — 13-year-old boy in serious condition was hospitalized.

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As reported Politeka, the Russian military staged a large-scale accident in Crimea: “Flying like crazy”.

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