Life harder in Saguenay with the minimum wage

1181382Whether you are single, head of a single parent or couple with two children and you work for minimum wage, better not live in Chicoutimi and Sept-Iles. Montreal, Quebec Trois-Rivières or even, depending on your family status, can be a better choice. Not to be considered poor, a family of four needs an annual income of $ 52 928 in Montreal, Quebec at $ 52,447, $ 49,517 in Trois-Rivieres, Chicoutimi $ 56,075 and $ 57,810 Sept-Iles.

This is the conclusion of a study conducted by the Institute for Research and socio-economic information released Wednesday morning. In recent years, IRIS determines the salary needed only workers or family heads of Quebec and Montreal to meet their basic needs while having sufficient resources to lift themselves out of poverty, for example by returning to school. This year, he added Trois-Rivières, Chicoutimi and Sept-Îles.

For Quebec, the rate is $ 15.10 an hour, or $ 4.35 more than the current minimum wage. But the figure varies by place of residence and family status. In Montreal, for example, a person alone will need $ 15.78, a single parent with one child $ 12.64, and two adults working full time with two children $ 13.98.

This gap explains IRIS, is that families receive additional revenue from governments, ensuring that their disposable income is greater than the earnings (see other article).

Saguenay (the study focuses on the territory of Chicoutimi), a single person must earn $ 18.11 an hour, $ 17.60 if single and $ 15.68 if it is a couple with two children.

Public transport

But how is it that the cost of living is higher in Saguenay where the rent is much cheaper than in the metropolis?

Essentially, researchers Philippe Hurteau fall and Minh Nguyen is due to transportation. According to them, we can not rely on it in the Saguenay. “For cases of Québec, Trois-Rivières and Montreal, we have included a car and a monthly pass for public transport. For the cities of Saguenay (Chicoutimi) and Sept-Îles, we have instead chosen to include in the basket of spending two cars and no transportation budget share, for the simple reason that having only one car for a household to four in these areas makes the daily too complicated to manage, especially because the offer does not meet the needs of households, “the authors write.

To make their calculations, they listed everything a household needs. For Hydro, for example, they applied the same amount of spending because electricity is the same price everywhere. Same goes for clothing, insurance, telephone, internet, family outings, furniture, personal care. They have given the differences in the grocery cart, more expensive in remote areas, housing, which is cheaper, and transportation costs. According to the study, moving to Montreal costs $ 7,500 to a small family, but the $ 12,000 Saguenay.

One person alone will need $ 22,327 to live in Trois-Rivières and $ 27,966 in Chicoutimi, single parents will also have a better life in the capital of the Mauricie with an income of $ 30,677 to support himself or $ 7,000 less than at Chicoutimi.

expenses common to the five cities
Clothing and shoes ($ 3,468)

Electricity ($ 1,640)

Phone ($ 600)

Insurance ($ 240)

Internet ($ 660)

Cable company ($ 456)

Family Vacation (2000 $)

family outings (1535 $)

Furniture ($ 1,361)

personal care ($ 908)

Dental care ($ 304)

Eye care ($ 230)

CPE care expenses ($ 4,199)

Emergency Fund ($ 2,050)

Books and stationery ($ 609)

Medicines and health care ($ 15,000)

Other services ($ 1500)

The minimum wage is not viable
One of the first conclusions drawn by IRIS from his study is that the minimum wage in Quebec is not considered viable, that is to say, sufficient to meet basic needs and participate in the life cultural, political and economic of the community, while giving leeway to change its socioeconomic status. And no matter where one lives in the Belle Province.

Unfortunately, unlike the speech wishing that the minimum wage is the lot of students, the study also reveals that affects a million people, or 26% of Quebec workers. Of these, 59% are women and 59% over 25 years. Therefore, poverty directly affects families.

However, we must put a damper because the transfers and tax credits established by Quebec and Ottawa are such a small family working for minimum wage sees its enhanced disposable income and thus has more money that she wins.

Thus, a single person working at minimum wage should have a $ 8874 hole in its annual budget if it lives in Chicoutimi, $ 6000 in Montreal and only $ 3235 in Trois-Rivières. The social safety net fills a part of the deficit for the family of four whose hole is not more than $ 6858 in Chicoutimi, $ 3,711 in Montreal and $ 300 in Trois-Rivières. The single-parent family will have to find $ 4671 to balance its budget in Chicoutimi, $ 1175 in Montreal, but will enjoy a surplus of $ 2,000 in Mauricie.

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