Life hack: how to warm feet in cold weather

A simple and effective way that will help you to warm up in literally 5 minutes!

Лайфхак: як зігріти ноги в холодну погоду

You must have noticed that in cold weather in the first place freeze my feet. By slowing the blood circulation in the feet quickly become cold, which leads to unpleasant consequences, informs Rus.Media.

But how to protect yourself from the cold? How to warm feet, even if warm winter boots and socks don’t help?


  • scissors
  • pen (marker)
  • teplootdachej (foil teplootdachej, which is installed behind the battery, you can buy in any hardware store).


1. Remove the insole from your shoes and attach it to the sheet diplotriaena.

2. Using a pen or marker draw around the edge of the insole.

3. Cut with scissors the resulting insole of diplotriaena and put it under the normal in your shoes.

And another important point: to legs better “breathe”, punch in the insole a few holes with a diameter of 3-4 mm.

Now your feet will not be cold, because teplootdachej will return them warm and to prevent the penetration of cold from the ground. We wish you warmth even in the cold weather!

In this video you can see the above procedure:

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