“Liberate the Donbass per day”, made a sensational statement in the APU revealed the truth

"Освободить Донбасс за сутки": сделано сенсационное заявление, в ВСУ раскрыли правду

The APU can liberate the occupied Donbass during the day

This was stated by former commander joint forces, Lieutenant General Sergei New in an interview with TSN.

While New noted that now the Ukrainian soldiers is not the task of the complete liberation of uncontrolled territories.

“Directly for military action to liberate the territory will go a very little time — less than a day. Most importantly in this case — very quick action to reach the Ukrainian border and to gain a foothold there. And the liberated territory immediately needs to develop special events for national guard, national police, other law enforcement agencies,” said New.

"Освободить Донбасс за сутки": сделано сенсационное заявление, в ВСУ раскрыли правду

He added that at the moment the APU is no plans for the return of cities, which according to the “Minsk agreements” should be under the control of Ukraine: debaltseve, Dokuchaevsk and other less populated areas.

“EP has a primarily stabilization function to control the enemy and to take advantageous positions. The government has identified that the main way to obtain our victory — the politico-diplomatic,” he said.

According to the commander of the FOS at the moment the task is only to improve the situation.

“About the liberation (of occupied lands), did not attempt to release. Task was to improve the tactical position, that is to obtain a position which would give an advantage over the enemy to occupy the commanding heights, to withdraw from further settlements and reduce the combat activity of the enemy, to deprive him of the right fire superiority,” said New.

Earlier, the Ukrainian soldiers showed the new weapons that are going to fight against the terrorists in the Donbas. The APU has demonstrated the automated battlefield, which is now experiencing as an experiment in several departments.

"Освободить Донбасс за сутки": сделано сенсационное заявление, в ВСУ раскрыли правду

“This is an advanced level when enemy movement control of the camera when all enemy positions are plotted on the map and access control battle have everything from a platoon officer and to the commander joint forces,” explained military journalists.

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