“Let’s allow people to be people!” Zelensky took the fateful decision on pensions: what will change

"Давайте разрешим людям быть людьми!" Зеленский принял роковое решение по пенсиям: что изменится

President Vladimir Zelensky decided to make life easier for pensioners who live in the occupied Donbas

He told about it during the summit Ukraine-EU, which took place yesterday, July 8.

In particular, the head of state decided to make life easier for seniors ORDO who go to the peaceful place for the sake of Ukrainian pensions and other social benefits.

"Давайте разрешим людям быть людьми!" Зеленский принял роковое решение по пенсиям: что изменится

According to Vladimir Zelensky, soon the settlers will increase the period of stay in the occupied territories from the current 60 days to 12 months.

“Generally I want to tell you what steps we proposed that Minsk continued, and we decided the question of a cease-fire. You want to in the near future, we have stopped the war. You know, to get a pension, people are required every 60 days (to cross the KPVV to receive the pension. — Ed.)… We suggested next step: please let’s allow people to be people. We suggested a period of 1 year. Although I very much hope that next year we will not have war,” — said the President, speaking at the summit Ukraine-EU.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainians in order to receive a pension this year, you must have at least 26 years of experience. The same rule applies to those citizens who live in the temporarily occupied territories.

The formula for calculation of pensions consists of only three variables. Despite this, the exact size of the future payment can be calculated only in the PFC. To calculate the ratio of earnings, experts compare the salary of the pensioner and the average wages for each month worked.

"Давайте разрешим людям быть людьми!" Зеленский принял роковое решение по пенсиям: что изменится

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Previously, we reported that Vladimir Zelensky made an important statement about the Russian language in the Donbas. Such a statement he made during a walk after the summit Ukraine-EU.

In particular, the President Vladimir Zelensky said that residents of the Russian occupied Donetsk should be given the opportunity to speak and fill in the documents in the language they choose.

The President says that there is no language problem in Ukraine does not really exist.

“The idea of Andrew (the head of the Office of the President Andrei Bogdan) – it was his idea, but people are talking about it. I think we will stop the war, and we need to give people in Donetsk to speak the language in which they want. What is the problem here? We generally don’t have that problem”, – commented on the initiative of Bogdan Zelenskiy.

Recall, there was a relatively Zelensky decree of the Minister of defence.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky has caused Putin serious conversation, the Kremlin is panic.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky attacked the spacing after customs, but ran into the answer.