“Let them come”: the famous Hollywood actress was detained by the police, the details of the scandal

«Пусть приходят»: знаменитую голливудскую актрису задержала полиция, подробности скандала

In the United States was arrested the famous actress, which was inspired by the speech of Greta Thunberg

The militiamen warned the actress repeatedly, but the owner of the award “Oscar” did not listen to them

In the USA detained the 81-year-old actress Jane Fonda for participating in environmental action. The world famous actress, along with other protesters stood at the entrance to the Capitol. Police asked several times to leave the scene, but the protesters did not listen to them, and the Fund and entered into a squabble with American cops, according to TV channel ABC News.

«Пусть приходят»: знаменитую голливудскую актрису задержала полиция, подробности скандала

Winner of two Oscars later told reporters that to participate in environmental protests inspired by her young Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg, who not long ago spoke at the UN in front of world leaders.

Jane Fonda admitted that she even for four months, moved to Washington to support the environmental community in their stock.

“Let them come to arrest,” – said in an interview with the actress.

Jane Fonda believes that the crisis of climate change is the largest which has ever faced mankind since the problem is related to the survival of our species.

Earlier we wrote that the inhabitants of Rome scared Scarecrow, hanged under a bridge. It found out Greta Thunberg.

About the incident told the mayor of Rome Virginia Ruggie in his Twitter. According to her, the Scarecrow with pigtails, you can find well-known activist 16 – year-old Greta Thunberg from Sweden.

“Hanging” occurred against the backdrop of demonstrations against climate change, organized by the worldwide group Extinction Rebellion in an attempt to force governments to change environmental policy.

Recall Swedish schoolgirl during his struggle he managed to speak at the UN, to meet with the Pope, Barack Obama, when he was still President of the United States, and to become a nominee for the Nobel peace prize.

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And the other day the girl embarrassed Russian President Vladimir Putin. It became clear from her profile on Twitter. The teenager recently edited information about yourself “Kind but poorly informed teenager”.

«Пусть приходят»: знаменитую голливудскую актрису задержала полиция, подробности скандала

Thus, the activist has made direct reference to the words of Putin — September 26 he stated that it “does not share the General admiration” Swedish activist.

“No Greta explained that the contemporary world is complex and diverse,” Putin said, expressing confidence that “she is a good girl and very sincere, but adults should do everything not to have Teens and children in extreme situations and not to use them.”

We will remind, “How dare you!”: the full speech of a schoolgirl Greta Thunberg at the UN, which has astonished the whole world.

As reported Politeka, the sensation of Greta Thunberg at the UN: ecoactivists cynically took advantage of his own mother, loud accusations

Politeka also wrote that the full Greta’s speech to the UN.