“Let people Express their opinions in the streets”: Zelensky, urgently appealed to Ukrainians

"Пусть народ выскажет свое мнение на улицах": Зеленский срочно обратился к украинцам

Team newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky suggested the Ukrainians interactive way to improve life in the country

The future head of state and his representatives appealed to all citizens who are dissatisfied with life in the country. They recorded a video on YouTube and described how to react to the problems in the country.

During the election campaign comedian Ruslan Hanumak released a lot of commercials in support of Vladimir Zelensky, the then presidential candidate. In a new video, the people of Ukraine demanded from him the promised changes. The authors reminded that in Ukraine there are many problems that are almost impossible to convey to the government that if there is a “parallel universe”. The newly elected President decided to correct the historical injustice and launched a new reporting system.

"Пусть народ выскажет свое мнение на улицах": Зеленский срочно обратился к украинцам

“We first came up with this tool the authorities that will help to involve people in the solution of problems in the country”, — said Ruslan Hanumak. He urged Ukrainians to write about issues directly under the video. “Let the people on the streets Express their opinion. There is a problem in Ukraine that is bothering you — write it in the comments.”

Vladimir Zelensky also appeared in the video. He promised to personally consider the most common user complaints. The President’s team says that the most actual problems will be issued in the format of video petition.

"Пусть народ выскажет свое мнение на улицах": Зеленский срочно обратился к украинцам

Earlier Vladimir Zelensky suddenly turned to the current President of Petro Poroshenko and people’s deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. He asked the MPs not to delay appointment of date of inauguration, and to remember the words of the oath, which obliges them to work in the interests of all citizens of the country.

“Yet you are acting exclusively in their own interests: fear of the dissolution of the Parliament and delay appointment of date of inauguration. And while you are shaking for their mandates, the former President Poroshenko is doing irreparable,” — said the newly elected President. He explained that commented on perestanovki personnel in the higher command of the army, the appointment of a new head of the national Council on television and radio broadcasting, the appointment of judges of the Supreme court, awarding of ranks of generals and Heroes of Ukraine.

Recall Zelensky lost “Quarter-95”: an urgent statement from the President’s team.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky attacked in the cafe and pricked, there was a video: the reaction of the servants is striking.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky took the hard decision on the fate of Poroshenko: “an adequate response”.