Lesya Nikityuk wants to get rid of your car: “caught a couple in the back seat”

Леся Никитюк хочет избавиться от своего авто: "застукала парочку на заднем сиденье"

Lesya Nikityuk decided to give your car in good hands, but fans looking for the catch

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk pleased with the new photos in Instagram. Celebrity boasted short videos, lying on the hood of the car and asked the fans to participate in the lottery, according to Znaj.

Леся Никитюк хочет избавиться от своего авто: "застукала парочку на заднем сиденье"

As it turned out, the actress is going to give a good hand own the car, but during the commercials, caught in the back seat kissing couple.

“All for you! Nawt my car! Peremoga Oberst osobiste 8 travnia live er!”, — shared details nikitiuk.

Followers will not have passed, and most of them do not believe in “free lunch”: “a Couple inside the time of draw will conclude their Affairs and leave the car?”, “Lesyunya, and Yak Tobi car poorly for Taku is??? 😊😊😊😊”, “Les ti beauty😻😻💋💋😍😍”, “If zakonchilsa money, and treba zaplatiti komunalku”, “How to 👌”.
Леся Никитюк хочет избавиться от своего авто: "застукала парочку на заднем сиденье"

Recall that the well-known Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk, which likes to attract the attention of fans, often shared with subscribers in Instagram new photo, video and news of your star, and also daily life. At this time, Lesya Nikityuk has published a new photo, which appeared before the fans in a provocative and colorful way.

So, this time Les has published a new photo that showed off a perfect morning. At least that’s what it looks like, although the fans there is no doubt that it looks like people just woke up.

The photo that appeared in the record Lesia Nikityuk, she appeared at the public sitting on the bed in a white shirt. This outfit slid down from Kim’s shoulder and drew her slender long legs. But most of all more attention of fans was attracted by the unusual hairstyle Lesi. Her hair is gathered in two bunches on top and on the face nikitiuk pretty bright makeup, like in the morning. Les sits in a seductive pose and with a slight smile on her face looking at the camera.

Recall nikitiuk showed who went on holiday to Vienna.

As reported Politeka, Lesya Nikityuk revealed the secret personal life of his companion.

Also Politeka wrote that [eve crashed the car