Les Violons du Roy and trifolia: stretch the seasons

deuxieme-portion-concert-consacree-oeuvre(Quebec) CRITICAL / Les Violons du Roy have ended their season with a hybrid concert seasons, and running water, combining the four seasons of Vivaldi and two works by contemporary composers. Interesting tribulations, for which the mind must remain open and alert.

The associate chief Mathieu Lussier led the concert in the elegance and joy, attention to detail required by partitions.

In opening Ballade, op. 30 composer Denis Gougeon has led us into a trépignante pursuit you could easily imagine unfold over the rooftops of Gotham City or off some island paradise where James Bond would have failed with a Russian spy. For now, there is in this room that reminds black films or romance films and adventures. Of déjà vu (or rather already understood) reactivate cinematic memories and make the rich and plural listening.

The Four Seasons by Vivaldi served as anchor and familiar ground for those who have the ear less focused on contemporary works. The ensemble has played four standing concertos, energetic and precise manner, taking care to be faithful to the images dictated in the pastoral poems that accompany the score. Alexander Read, second violin of the Orchestre symphonique de Mont-real, is in is very well drawn as soloist. He had to readjust his violin a few times – a necessary evil to maintain the desired level of perfection for such work – and was particularly gifted in rapid sequences of high notes that punctuate the work.

During group flights, we felt the richness of the composition, the fineness of execution and the contagious enthusiasm of this pictorial narrative, filled with wind and animals. The first movement of Winter (Allegro non molto) was particularly galvanizing. During the Allegro, plucked gave the impression to hear big drops of rain or the hooves of a horse crashing into the snow.

new work

The second portion of the concert was devoted to implement any new sources, Marianne Trudel, who sat at the piano to play with his accomplices trefoil trio and the Violons du Roy. “It’s a suite in seven movements I wanted to free all my influences,” has she mentioned before play. However, it was enjoying getting carried away by jazz effusions and the entire arsenal of percussion instruments from around the world. The strings were sometimes dormant, especially in the first movement, but then helped to shift assemblies minimalist sounds to let the music unfold in more articulated passages and full of breath.

The concert was presented Thursday night at the Raoul-Jobin Hall of Palais Montcalm.

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