Leonardo da Vinci interesting facts that will surprise you

You may think you know all about the famous Renaissance artist, who is the author of the famous painting “Mona Lisa”, which scared the whole world with his drawings of flying machines. But there is information about Leonardo da Vinci, which sure will surprise you.

Леонардо да Вінчі — цікаві факти, які вас здивують

I believe that this chalk drawing is a self portrait of da Vinci, informs Rus.Media.

You may think you know all about the famous Renaissance artist, who is the author of the famous painting “Mona Lisa”, which scared the whole world with his drawings of flying machines. But there is information about Leonardo da Vinci, which sure will surprise you.

When Da Vinci died in 1519, he left more than 6,000 journal pages for personal reflection, shopping lists and lewd jokes. He also described in detail his sources of inspiration, his desire to obtain eternal recognition and their heartfelt experiences.

All these thoughts formed the basis of the documentary “True Leonardo”, in the title role which starred the Scottish actor Peter Capaldi. The film’s protagonist reads aloud the pages of his memoirs of the artist, revealing the deepest secrets of the unique Renaissance.

Your attention Leonardo da Vinci interesting facts:

Leonardo da Vinci was the illegitimate

He was born in 1452 near the town of Vinci, the current Italian region of Tuscany. According to the found information the father was a notary and landlord named Messer Piero Truono di Antonio da Vinci. His mother, Catherine, I think, was a local farmer. However, some experts believe that Catherine actually was a slave, which belongs to Messer Piero.

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Parents da Vinci was never married. Young da Vinci lived with his mother until 5 years and then moved to his father, who at the time was married to another woman.

Artist records indicate that he maintained a somewhat distant relationship with her mother throughout her adult life, only occasionally exchanging emails. His works indicate a close relationship with his father, whose death da Vinci is deeply mourned.

Da Vinci never attended school

Unlike other well-known figures of the Renaissance, where Vinci never received any formal education. However, he had learned at home such things as reading, writing and mathematics.

Growing up in rural Tuscany, da Vinci spent much of his life outdoors, where he was interested in the environment. Records show that he was particularly picky interested in the properties of water and movement of birds of prey.

In adolescence he was sent to Florence, where he became a pupil of the famous Florentine painter Andrea del Marocco. And very quickly the da Vinci mastered the art. Rumor has it that after Da Vinci painted one of the angels in the work of Jarocho “Baptism of Christ”, a skilled artist was so impressed by his talent that I swore I’d never draw.

The majority of the work da Vinci left unfinished

Da Vinci was a very slow artist, and most of his works remained unfinished. In addition to the famous “Mona Lisa” in the Louvre possesses another work by eminent artists “Saint Anna with Madonna and baby Jesus”, which was never completed. The Vatican Museum is another unfinished work of the artist “St. Jerome”, depicting the Saint in the Syrian desert.

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Perhaps the most intriguing unfinished work of da Vinci is his painting “the adoration of the Magi,” which allegedly depicts the young artist. The painting was left incomplete in 1481, was transferred to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, in 1670.

In addition to these outstanding paintings, da Vinci left behind many unfinished inventions. In fact, there is no evidence that any invention of the artist was realized. Similarly, none of his works were never published during his life.

He was pursued by

When Da Vinci was 24 years old, he was arrested along with several male companions on charges of sodomy. When there was no witnesses against the artist and his friends, the charges were dropped. However, the record Da Vinci show that these charges were too rozpasiivka for a man who liked to keep private life private.

There is speculation that Da Vinci was afraid for his life. In Florence of the 15th century such a crime was punishable by death. Shortly after his case was closed, the artist left Florence and settled in Milan.

Da Vinci had a warlike nature

After moving to Milan, da Vinci was thinking about how in the future to earn a living. His plan was to obtain the favor of the Duke of Milan Ludovico Sforza. Da Vinci was commissioned to create a giant bronze horse statue. But this project was stopped when France invaded Italy at the turn of the 15th century.

But the artist had not only artistic plans, at the court of the Duke, he built many military devices. Found among the sketches there are drawings of guns, smoke machines, portable bridges and even armored vehicles.

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However, as in the case of his flying machine, there is no evidence that any of these war machines were built.

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