Leitao replies to Bonnardel

surplus-budgetaire-quebec-pour-ministre(Granby) The budgetary surplus of Quebec was not carried on the backs of Quebecers reacts Finance Minister, Carlos Leitao, in an interview following remarks made ​​by Francois Bonnardel Thursday in our pages.

“This surplus mainly comes from the good and disciplined management of spending, he evokes. This is program spending, which has controlled growth, which helped to generate the surplus. I think Mr. Bonnardel erred when he said that the surplus was achieved on the backs of taxpayers. Instead, the surplus was achieved because we put the house in order and because it was able to control the pace of spending growth. ”

Mr. Leitao informed also that better management of government spending was a workhorse of the future Quebec Coalition. He added that the health of the provincial economy also contributed to these budgetary outcomes.

The Minister also stresses that 45,000 net new jobs were created in 2015. “The tax on personal income has increased, not because we have increased the tax rate, but because there more people at work, so who pay taxes. ”

MP Granby and spokesman on public finances for the CAQ, Francois Bonnardel said true when talking about spending increases beyond 4% annually for the past ten years, the minister added.

“This pace is not sustainable, says finance minister. Since 2014, we have mastered this growth that now we get to a fiscal situation that is much more conducive to reinvestment where we feel we need to reinvest. It’s very clear health and education. ”

Reinvest in priority sectors

The goal now is to reinvest in priority areas while turning in the right way local institutions, whether in health or education, for example, some nursing homes, which have misapplied the new budgetary rules governing, he admits .

In the budget presented in March, the Finance Minister had already announced a reinvestment in education and health outpost tax abolition. This will be abolished in 2017 rather than in 2019. Taxpayers will see the difference in their tax return in spring 2018.

“Yes, with operating margins that are released, we will reinvest in education and health, he said, dodging the question of hypothetical tax cuts. These are decisions that are going to handle a budget or economic update in the fall. This is something we should discuss around the table of the Council of Ministers. […] Otherwise, in the March budget, we indicated that, over a period of five years, was about to be a reduction of $ 4 billion of cumulative tax burden. Do we can go further than that? We’ll see.”

Carlos Leitao refuses to say, as his opponents, that a budget surplus is a failure. Rather, it is for him proof that his government has done well.

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