Legumes saved from diabetes, stroke and obesity

Бобовые спасают от диабета, инсульта и лишнего веса

These products are labeled nutrients, save you from many problems

People who regularly consume beans have a third lower risk of diabetes of the 2nd type. This was stated by the acting Minister of health Suprun.

According to her, the results of many scientific studies have shown that adherence to diets rich in legumes, is associated not only with prevention of diabetes. In particular with a lower risk of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and stroke. In addition, the daily intake of legumes can contribute to the effective treatment of these diseases in people who already have them.

Бобовые спасают от диабета, инсульта и лишнего веса

So, legumes are useful because:

It is a source of nutrients, proteins, fiber and amino acids

Legumes contain a lot of protein, which makes them very nutritious and hearty. As a result, the body quickly becomes saturated, decreasing the risk of overeating.

In Bobovich , potassium, magnesium, volva acid, and also cldonline. In Ogni ports of gotovih bobw (about half Cup) mstetice of about 115-125 calories that about 10 grams blkv. Bobov takozh toil Nishiki glscene index in Serenoa from 10 to 40. Vodnochas stink Bagat nezamenimy aminokislotami, yaki potribni our organza.

Promote weight loss

In one study, it was discovered that consumption of 1 Cup of legumes per day for 3 months helps to reduce weight and reduce waist size, to normalize blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol. On average, study participants lost 2.7 kg and reduced waist size half an inch.

Help normalize blood pressure

The study participants consumed about 1 Cup of legumes per day for 2.5 months. It was recorded that the legumes in the daily diet to significantly reduce blood pressure. In particular, scientists see legumes as part of the treatment of hypertension and, in General, problems with pressure.

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Help control cholesterol level

Legumes contain plenty of fiber, especially viscous soluble fiber, which has the ability to bind molecules associated with cholesterol. In some studies it was also revealed that legumes (not soy) helps in reduction of cholesterol levels (on average by 8 points).

Бобовые спасают от диабета, инсульта и лишнего веса

According to her, is to increase the amount of legumes in the diet gradually. The high fiber content, they can cause swelling and time pain in the abdomen. And to get the maximum benefit from legumes without discomfort to the body they need to be soaked several times and rinsed with water. Also they should not be combined with the cabbage, and cook well with tomatoes or lemon.

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