Legendary clairvoyant predicted the end of the world, named the exact date: “humanity is condemned”

Легендарная ясновидящая предсказала конец света, названа точная дата: «человечество приговорено»

Psychic Jeane Dixon of the United States made a prophecy which told when the world will end

Many psychics, scientists and conspiracy theorists trying to determine the date of the end of the world. Everyone is saying a different time frame, but they all agree that the world will end sooner or later. In the middle ages people lived not just in fear, they were ready to die literally every day.

The reasons were more than enough from the barbarians who would burn the village to epidemics and pagan omens. Now it is easier for us because we can explain almost all of the strange phenomena surrounding us.

Легендарная ясновидящая предсказала конец света, названа точная дата: «человечество приговорено»

However, periodically there is information about the fact that we are once again coming to an end. If you notice, the end of the world, as a rule, represent or in the form of something abstract, or we specifically say that we will kill a celestial body.

So, psychic Jeane Dixon made a prediction, according to which the world will be destroyed very soon. Forecast psychic is given in the material published in the Russian media.

The journalists, Dixon believed that in 2020 there will be the Second coming of Christ, and then begin the great war between good and evil. As the date for the end of the world psychic called 2037 th.

Легендарная ясновидящая предсказала конец света, названа точная дата: «человечество приговорено»

Also earlier it was reported that the astrologer Vlad Ross told why the trouble has covered Russia, and predicted that the Russians do not relax. According to the forecast of Ross, in the future a variety of fatal and unpleasant situation occurred in Russia in the last month of summer.

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The astrologer also predicts that in the political life of Russia is that everything will be unchanged, but only up to a certain time.

“August has ended – in Russia will be safer. But only until next summer. Too early to relax. Although this year all the major events have already happened, and the end of large-scale accidents and trouble will happen a little. In any case, the predictions come true: August Russia became the most dreadful month of the year,” he concluded.

Recall that discovered an ancient prophecy about the end of the world.

As he wrote Politeka famous molfar struck last prediction for the Ukrainians.

Politeka also reported that the heaviest Kara obrushilas on RF legendary’s prediction became a reality.