Legalizing marijuana: the government wants to involve young

(OTTAWA) The Trudeau government is adamant that the youth voice is heard on the issue of legalizing marijuana, and not just the health experts or police officers.

Thus, the Health Minister, Jane Philpott, toying with the idea of ​​creating an Advisor to the working group that will examine this issue in the coming months to a representative of a youth organization in the country.

In a letter sent last month to all the premiers, Ms. Philpott says it is essential to take account of youth opinion in regard to the legalization of this drug.

“We also believe it is important to hear directly the views of young people and are considering the possibility of offering them a role of advisor to the working group. That is why I also prompts you for all youth engagement group, such as consultative forums on youth already in place, the working group should know early in the planning of its consultation activities, “wrote the minister Philpott in his letter to the Minister of Health of Quebec, Gaétan Barrette.

The Press obtained the letter, dated March 15, under the Access to Information Act. While in New York on Wednesday, Ms. Philpott took advantage of a special session of the UN Assembly on the issue of drugs to announce that the Trudeau government would file his famous bill to legalize marijuana in spring 2017 .

A spokesman for Ms. Philpott, Andrew MacKendrick, said that young Canadians are proportionately among the largest consumers of cannabis worldwide and it is important to consider their opinions on this issue.


The NDP MP for Sherbrooke, Pierre-Luc Dusseault – the youngest member ever elected in the history in the 2011 elections at the age of 19 years and 11 months – is pleased to see that the Trudeau government will consult young people. “I think the more we involve young people in important decisions, is more positive. Young people certainly have an opinion on it and they will be well pleased to share, “said Mr. Dusseault, who still calls the government to be cautious in this case. “We must be vigilant. ”

For its part, the Conservative member for Louis-Saint-Laurent, Gérard Deltell, reiterated that the Liberals were wrong in wanting to legalize marijuana.

“I, the gang poteux I saw her yesterday before parliament [currently smoke marijuana], happy to see that the Trudeau government wants to do that, it demonstrates just how far the government should not legislate it. When I hear them say they are doing this for our young people, it’s so the opposite. It is a commonplace situation is absolutely unacceptable, “said Mr. Deltell.


In Quebec, the announcement of a federal bill on the legalization of marijuana has been greeted with caution in the National Assembly. Couillard The government said it would launch analyzes in the coming months to determine how to deal with the Ottawa initiative. The legalization of the substance within the jurisdiction of the federal government, agreed the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, but this decision will also affect Quebec.

“The challenge that remains, of course, regulation of the thing and the rules to be put in place for the distribution of the product,” says Gaétan Barrette, Minister of Health.

The “next challenge” for Quebec will determine where marijuana can be sold, Mr. Barrette said.

He called the Trudeau government to “exercise caution” in drafting its bill and reminded that cannabis could be harmful to health, as alcohol elsewhere.

“The question is not to ask whether marijuana has a negative effect on health, has he said. It is well documented that there are potentially deleterious health effects. ”

The legalization of marijuana will be reviewed in Quebec over the next few months for his part said Minister of Public Safety, Martin Coiteux.

“When the bill will be tabled, we’ll analyze what’s involved in Quebec, how we must adapt to this reality, on one hand, has he said. And secondly, we will do analytical work even before the bill is tabled. ”

The offices of the Minister and the Minister Coiteux Barrette both refused to specify what regulations need to be modified because of the legalization of marijuana. The press officers of the two ministers gave no response to the question of La Presse yesterday.

The leader of the future Coalition Québec, François Legault, said experience “reluctance” to the federal project, fearing that it trivializes the use of drugs. The PQ leader, Pierre Karl Péladeau, was in favor of the decriminalization of marijuana, but does not comment on its legalization.

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