Learning to go to school

classe-accueil-madame-chantal-ecole(Granby) Despite the difficulties and obstacles, the first primary age reception class to emerge in Granby proved a success. Within a few months, 13 students were integrated and learned to tame the school routine in the school of the Assumption.

Aged 5 to 12 years, all came with a different background. Whether native Syria or Africa, these students disembarked without any French base and different experiences in the field, including schooling. Some had never even set foot in a school.

At Assumption school, they gathered in the class Chantal Proulx, but had in common activities with other classes that the sponsoring depending on their age.

“I think they made a good progress in French, says the Acting Director of the school, Julie Guillemette. Where you really see they fit, it is in the routines. They are comfortable. They will dine with their age group, with their sponsorship of class. ”

“What we also see is that the playground, they mingle with the others, she added. It is no longer ghettoized. We really saw the fruits of sponsorship. What surprised me is that students are curious difference. Small will go to large. There is an attraction to the difference. ”

Young people who already had basic school had an easier time learning French, she says, since they came more easily to concentrate. In September, about half of the students remain in reception class. The youngest will go to Ave Maria and the oldest at the Assumption.

As for the others, they incorporate regular classes, one in high school. They will still qualify for French courses. Already a student is changing class aware of recent weeks since she had attended a private school before his arrival and demonstrated strengths in certain subjects like mathematics. She continued her French language in parallel.

Certain difficulties experienced this year should be ironed out in the fall, although children from the next wave of refugees will join these classes. At the very least, the age difference will be reduced and the members of the same family will gather more together, as was the case in February.

“We were a family of six in the same class. The issues that are living at home also live at the school, said the deputy director. The baffles between brothers and sisters, we do not live it in our classes normally. ”

Make a long way

The teacher, as his students call Chantal, refuses to assign only the merit of the success of his youth. “The teachers, we all work hard, she notes. It is always a team effort. I had the help of volunteers, school counselors, librarians of the school board who came to spend a time to tell a story. ”

“I had an interpreter for a month. All alone, I could not have done. I also had a Richelieu Club donation to buy equipment. The fact that everyone is involved, we get a success. We gave them a lot. Now it is for them to make a long way with this. ”

Ms. Proulx has been able, over the weeks, increase its speed when speaking to students and they understand it. Met June 16 students preparing besides thank you cards to all those who came to their aid.

Even on vacation

When they are asked questions, children respond with enthusiasm, especially when addressing the subject of the holidays. “If I listen to the TV in French, I will continue to learn French,” said proudly Fatmaih, eager not to lose what it has gained.

The young Bidur, who likes to play at school, have fun for his part to give assignments to his siblings, another way to continue to integrate the material.

Fun in the park, in water or in the school yard games: ideas do not fail to take their first summer in the country. Mohammad, he already wants to find work. He hopes to distribute the newspaper and also wants to plant fruits and vegetables.

One thing is certain: all now come to be understood more easily both at school and outside the classroom.

“It is sure that the sentences are not complete, missing words, it lacks decisive, but the meaning of the sentence is, says their teacher at the end of the school year. For example, Frank wondered what class it will be next year. He said: “me next year when I, what class?” For sure this is not a grammatically correct sentence, but I understood. They are more understanding. ”

“I am very happy. I gave my maximum, I did my best and it is sure that I am proud of them, even if sometimes it was difficult. To see that they have walked and they still make me trust is rewarding, “she slips.

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