Learned the name of the Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada: the unexpected candidate

Стало известно имя вице-спикера Верховной Рады: неожиданная кандидатура

The name of the Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine finally announced

It was called the people’s Deputy – a mazhoritarshchik Dmitry Lubinets.

Lubinets said that the new Deputy speaker may be an unexpected candidate, namely – the extra fractional people’s Deputy Irina Konstankevych, who won election in the district №23 (Volyn oblast), the newspaper writes RBC-Ukraine.

Стало известно имя вице-спикера Верховной Рады: неожиданная кандидатура

“As representatives of people’s deputies elected in single-member constituencies by self, we put forward the Vice-speaker candidacy of Irina Konstankevych”, – said Dmitry Lubinets.

He also noted that the new Parliament deputies – independent candidates intend to create their own parliamentary group. Now on the issue being negotiated.

It is known that Irina Konstankevych in 2013-2014, he held the position of head

of the Board of the charitable Foundation “Igor Palitsa — New Lutsk”. Mace also passed in Parliament in constituency No. 22 (Lutsk). Igor Palitsa is considered a close ally of businessman Igor Kolomoisky.

As we wrote earlier, the situation with the delay in the announcement of the candidacy for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, explained the expert on reputation management Boris … more

In an interview Politeka Online he also called, who is likely to occupy a high position.

“It’s tremendous news that you need to properly play and do not miss them. That is, if it is in a quiet environment the representative of the “public Servants” will say Yes, at the premiere we see this man, the speaker and Deputy speakers- that these people. It’s not very pretentious… But in the Verkhovna Rada to name a candidate, all the green stalls will unanimously raise their hands – it shows. Guys this show will not miss. We see that the guys know how to create a show, this show is well perceived, therefore, for each information occasion, for each position will be prepared and information relevant agenda, and this micro-show”, — said Boris Tiesenhausen.

He also called who is likely to become the head of the Ukrainian government.

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Стало известно имя вице-спикера Верховной Рады: неожиданная кандидатура

“I’m sure the Prime Minister will be Alexey Goncharuk. And not one person from the environment “public Servants” told me that Yes, he is the most likely candidate,” — said the expert.

However, he explained why I am confident in this candidate.

“First, a person with a good reputation. We have in Ukraine, the man who was never in politics is a priori a person with a normal reputation. The man who once went into politics, comes out with a reputation of minus. It is the law of Ukrainian politics. It well received and our Western partners, and he has good business experience. Absolutely sane normal person,” said … more

We will remind, at first Zelensky said that thinking about “free” money for parties.

As reported Politeka, Razumkov revealed the truth about the new heads of the defense Ministry and the foreign Ministry: “the prerogative of the President.”

Politeka also wrote that the launch of the Parliament under the threat of failure, to such “public servants” are not ready.