Leads to rage: the terrible disease can be recognized by eyes, no drugs

Приводит к бешенству: страшную болезнь можно распознать по глазам, лекарства нет

About the threat the deadly disease can be recognized by human’s eyes, but the cure for it does not exist yet

Causing fatal disease proteins-prions can accumulate in the eyes of man. To such conclusion scientists from the University of California.

Prions are proteins with an abnormal structure, which are infectious agents that trigger the disease of the brain and nervous tissues. They are deadly for people and animals, as, for example, cause widespread mad cow disease. Currently medicine has not yet found a way to get rid of them.

Приводит к бешенству: страшную болезнь можно распознать по глазам, лекарства нет

Prion diseases can be both inherited and introduced – for example, with the use of stale meat. The infection can get into the human body and for surgical operations. The brain is also affected by infection when using insufficiently sterilized surgical instruments. The reverse version of the penetration of prions into the eye from the brain through the optic nerve.

Now researchers are trying to develop methods to detect dangerous pathogens through analysis of tears in patients.

We will note, earlier we wrote that the scientists there was an outbreak of an unknown disease called the Disease X, which in a short time can develop into a global epidemic.

The virus is dangerous is similar to the Spanish flu, which killed 5% of the population of the globe. Some time ago, scientists from the who reported that now the problem number 1 – to make possible the spread of the Disease X because the risks are very great. In the process of learning several new diseases experts at-bats found two unknown science of the virus. Microorganisms scientists have attributed to the family of coronaviruses.

Приводит к бешенству: страшную болезнь можно распознать по глазам, лекарства нет

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