Lazio vs Palermo: preview, score prediction, live streaming free

On the arms of both clubs painted eagles, only now flying “birds” brand at different heights. If the “Lazio” fighting for entering the European Cups, the “Palermo” is the battle for the preservation of residence. Who will be more successful in this confrontation?

Italy. Series A 33th round. “Lazio” – “Palermo”
April 23, 2017, 16:00 GMT

A fight and join the top three did not succeed in the hunt for Champions League Club of Rome. Too relaxed already approached the team Simone Inzaghi to recent fights against is not too bright, “Genoa” (2: 2) and “Cagliari” (0: 0), and the most important home match against the “Napoli” dry team lost. “Lazio” will now have to defend their place in the Europa League – following five points are “Atalanta”. “Milan” and “Inter”, which is clearly not opposed to oust “Eagles” to their positions.

With each round becomes increasingly clear that the “Palermo” in the next year will be to conquer the Sicilian Serie B. Points are gaining on major holidays, in the last five games only managed to play a draw with “Bologna” (0: 0) last weekend. Before that – five defeats in a row, “Torino”, “Roma”, “Udinese”, “Cagliari and” Milan “, the total score in those games was 3:17. Intermediate place at number 19, and the lag in ten points of salvation.

Statistics and personal meetings
“Palermo” lost at a party four consecutive games, all with the start of the championship and 10 credits were taken away (04/02/10) with goal difference 17:38.

“Lazio” replenished the treasury at home by 32 points (04/02/10) and goal difference 26:15.

In the first round, “Lazio” won away 1: 0, in Rome for the last five matches had three wins, “Lazio” and two draws.

In our opinion, “Palermo” is already resigned to the departure, if in home games the team is still trying to show something, then go away failures, one after another. Most likely, and the Roman “Olimpico” Sicilians waiting for a major defeat, the Romans are now more motivated, and the quality of the game they are head and shoulders above rival.

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