Lazarev went to the hospital before the Eurovision song contest: “do everything necessary”

Лазарев загремел в больницу перед Евровидением: «делаем, все необходимое»

Sergey Lazarev before the performance at the international music competition was forced to urgently contact the clinic

Russian singer, participant of Eurovision-2019 from Russia, was in the hospital in the capital of Israel is tel Aviv, where, in fact, and there is a music event.

Lazarus urgently needed qualified medical assistance. It turned out that the actor had aggravated a pinched neck and with no medical intervention needed does not.

Лазарев загремел в больницу перед Евровидением: «делаем, все необходимое»

Therefore, Lazarev went to a hospital in tel Aviv, where he had undergone an acupuncture session.

Russian artist is very experienced, will wash away if he can perform at the competition on may 16. Israeli doctors assured him that by that date he will be fully healthy. “Well, what room I have does not require active movements”, – said the singer.

Speaking about his sore, Lazarev sin for air conditioning – could just blow it out.

“We do massage and everything you need to facilitate how the state”, – assured the fans of an artist.

As previously reported, Sergey Lazarev excited the new network in the company of the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak.

The fact that fans have long attributed to the stars a novel. For example, the network often discuss and young son Sergey Lazarev, Nikita. Many fans believe that the singer Ani Lorak would be a wonderful mother for the boy. In fact, some even point out their obvious resemblance.

Do not cease the rumors and the fact that Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev together spent holiday in the popular American resort of Miami.

Fans did not let up and find new “evidence” of a connection between lorac and Lazarev. This time the artists have shown a joint photo which is also posed and the Russian pop-king Philip Kirkorov in one of prestigious restaurants of Moscow. It is noteworthy that in the picture, many users noticed that lorac and Lazarev supposedly holding hands. Photo published in Instagram account of Sergei.

Лазарев загремел в больницу перед Евровидением: «делаем, все необходимое»

“A wonderful evening with friends!” happily he wrote.

Netizens immediately began to leave comments under this picture. Many have said that it looks great in the company Lorak, other protested, “why he calls his beloved friend.”

Recall that Lazarev broke rumors of the affair with lorac: lit new loved one.

As reported Politeka, “novel” Lorak and Lazarev reached a new level: fans revealed the truth.

Also Politeka wrote that lorac found a replacement, Lazarus, “came under the wing of the daddy.”