Lazarev secretly got married: photos of the ceremony leaked to the network

Лазарев тайно сыграл свадьбу: фото церемонии слили в сеть

The network got photos of the famous Russian singer Sergey Lazarev on which it in wedding suit standing at the altar

In the frame the artist captured not one, next to the bride slim beautiful brunette in a wedding dress. This picture was published on one of the pages in Instagram.

Network was immediately spread a rumor that the girl in the photo is the Israeli model, however, the name of beauties unknown.

Лазарев тайно сыграл свадьбу: фото церемонии слили в сеть

Лазарев тайно сыграл свадьбу: фото церемонии слили в сеть

Photos from the secret wedding “blew up” the Internet. Fans are shocked and trying to understand whether the singer decided to settle down and is shooting the next clip, etc.

In favor of the authenticity of the wedding, talking gossip about the birth of the second child of Sergei Lazarev.

Rumor has it, the famous singer has eight-month-old daughter, which he carefully hides from the public. They say, with the advent of another son, the artist decided to rent a bigger apartment.

Лазарев тайно сыграл свадьбу: фото церемонии слили в сеть

There is also a version that the photo with the “wedding” of the contractor is made on the set. Perhaps Sergey Lazarev is preparing to surprise fans with a new video. Someone from the attending crowd could take a moment and secretly take a picture.

Recall that the Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda was in the center of the scandal during the awards ceremony “Muz-TV” in Russia.

“Lazarev ran “the Best singer of the year” in the eyes of the starry colleagues. Eye witnesses say that they heard only the final part of the sentence: “are You, uh…La? Type is the coolest?”. What happened to front row star VIP stalls and what made Sergey pounce on a colleague with a menacing tirade?”, — stated in the message.

It was later revealed that the reason for the scandal was the unequal distribution of songs that were performed by the artists.

“The reason for the stellar showdown as consider colleagues of both artists, was the dissatisfaction of Lazarus that Loboda at the end of the ceremony performed as many as 6 songs, and Sergey because of technical problems to make his “Eurovision” number could not at all. As a result, the performance of the singer star VIP noticeably empty, than have suspected of course Lazarus. On the morning after the award of Svetlana Loboda to the subscribers of the stars of the last “Euro” in the Instagram is not found”, — underlined in the message.

Recall that Lazarev hard-disgraced during his speech, it was a fiasco.

As reported Politeka, in the Lazarev, a daughter was born.

Also Politeka wrote that Pritula family left Ukraine after the scandal with the Eurovision song contest: “Return once”.