Lazarev after a quarrel with Loboda pounced on Bilan: “Oh, doshutilis”

Лазарев после ссоры с Лободой накинулся на Билана: «Ох, дошутитесь»

Sergey Lazarev critically praised new work of his colleagues on the stage Dima Bilan

Russian singer after the conflict with Svetlana Loboda “hit” on Bilan.

Dima shot his new video in the style of the 90s. So, the singer decided to play a joke on his page on the social network Instagramподелился photograph from the shoot. Photo Bilan in a white silk shirt, white pants and pointy shoes poses at the adult store.

Лазарев после ссоры с Лободой накинулся на Билана: «Ох, дошутитесь»

“#of dimabilan #Bilan #Gortsaranain #probleras”, – signed photo artist.

36-year-old Lazarev did not appreciate a photo of Bilan. And one of the first left kriticheskii smiley that conveys embarrassment (shame ).

Bilan did not find out the relationship in the social network and answered his critic with laughing smileys.

“You are, I see, a couple came in, as Basque with Kirkorov. Oh, doshutilis” – responded to smiley-dialogue one commenter.

It is known that Dima Bilan is preparing a video for the song “White roses”.

As previously reported, the network has got video of the rehearsal at the “Megasport Arena”, which Lazarev began to Express to the Chairman of the award “Muz-TV” Arman Davletyarov his indignation about the fact that the organizers decided to give the Quinoa a final set of six songs at the end of the award.

Recall that the number Sergey Lazarev with “Eurovision” failed to show at the awards in General, for technical reasons.

Лазарев после ссоры с Лободой накинулся на Билана: «Ох, дошутитесь»

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Davletyarov video listens carefully to Sergei, trying to smile diplomatically, Lazarev more shows emotions. Next to the sitting singer producer Loboda, who also tactfully silent and does not enter into the fray with the star.

Soon the scene from the scene itself says Svetlana Loboda, which at that time rehearsing your number. She turned from the scene to Lazarus with a single phrase: “Serge, can I rehearse?”

It gave the singer another big emotions. According to those present, then to the address of Svetlana and was not the most pleasant word from the lips of Lazarus: “are You, uh…La? Type is the coolest?”.

Singer did not respond to the attack and just left the area to prepare for the award. Event organizers immediately apologized Loboda and her team. Sergey Lazarev tries not to comment on the incident and to reduce everything to a joke.

Лазарев после ссоры с Лободой накинулся на Билана: «Ох, дошутитесь»

But Svetlana Loboda spoke about the incident conflict during the live broadcast on his page in social network Instagram.

The star said that everyone is different and sometimes behave strangely, and Lazarev. She asked the singer to personally tell fans about the incident.

We will remind, the conflict Loboda and Lazarev was scandalous continuation.

As reported Politeka, Lazarev publicly humiliated Loboda in Russia for the award “Muz-TV”.

Also Politeka wrote that quinoa was accused of new plagiarism.