Laurent St-Martin invokes a vengeance

accuse-contacts-sexuels-incitation-contacts(Granby) Laurent St. Martin claims to be innocent of the crimes alleged against him. He never touched a child inappropriately. If he is now accused of sexual interference and invitation to sexual contact with a minor, is that the complainant of 14 wanted revenge for being lectured by him.

Called to the bar, and the plumber technician sexagenarian was speaking Wednesday at the second day of his trial at the Granby courthouse. He explained that the alleged victim, he frequently kept once had a strong character and he has not accepted the reprimand in their last meeting in 2014.

The girl had left her brother while playing pool at Mr. St-Martin, what was prohibited.

“She looked me in the eye and said: I will take my revenge,” said the accused with glasses and beard answering questions from his lawyer, Pascale Gauthier. A few weeks later, he was the subject of criminal charges.

On the first day of hearings, the teenager – a court order prohibits identifying – described the touching she allegedly suffered by Mr. St-Martin, and from the age of six. That she considered a family member would have it, on several occasions, touched the breasts and vulva. It would also masturbated in front of her until ejaculation and tried to make him oral sex.


“I never touched [the complainant], insisted the accused. This is completely false. “But his explanation was undermined by the cons-examination of the Crown, represented by Valérie Simard Croteau.

Mr. St-Martin had to change his mind after supporting it was impossible that he had been alone with children at home. He also argued that no one had slept in his basement, before saying the opposite.

The sexagenarian has also struggled to explain why he had told police “it takes a while for it to work” in reference to his sexual activities. In chief Wednesday he supported no longer have erections since surgery for a hernia in 2007.

– “Why did you say anything to the police?” Asked Mr. Simard-Croteau.

– “I thought that [NB : procedures] stop there, responded Laurent St-Martin. It makes no sense, that case! I was accused of something I was not able to do. ”

Following the trial was set to 20 September, always before Judge Paul Dunnigan. The Crown must then finish against-examine the accused in addition to providing further evidence. The next step will be the argument.

Mr. St-Laurent has to undergo a second trial in August for similar offenses allegedly committed against two boys.

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