Laurence Fishburne : the actor of the Matrix a divorce – Here

Laurence Fishburne, aka Morpheus in the saga Matrix, divorce. The actor and his future ex-wife Gina Torres had announced their separation last September.

Laurence Fishburne is officially a heart to take. The actor of the Matrix, shared until then the life of Gina Torres, known for having played in the series Suits and Alias. It was on a film shoot, that of Matrix Reloaded, that the couple met in the early 2000s before getting married in 2002 and become the parents of little Delilah.

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Fifteen years later, the love is unfortunately no more on the appointment : “It is with a heavy heart that Laurence and I have decided to end our marriage last fall,” announced the actress of 48 years in September 2017. “There are no villains in the story. Just a love story that ends differently than what we expected “.

The divorce papers are now filled according to the website TMZ. The couple had waited over a year before it recorded its separation in public and in front of the justice. Laurence Fishburne and Gina Torres were thus able to find an agreement on the custody of their daughter and to spread the common property in peace without écharper in front of the judges. Smart !

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