Launch of the summer season in Bromont

auteur-compositeur-interprete-mathieu-mathieu(Bromont) With nearly 1.8 million visitors annually, Bromont is a tourist destination in the region. Tourism Bromont wants to continue its momentum, notably by seducing more US customers. To do this, the municipality relies on a combination of sound values ​​and new. This summer cocktail was presented in a festive atmosphere on Monday.

With an offer of accommodation from 400 rooms, Bromont has the means of its ambitions for tourists in all directions. However, it is the DNA of hoteliers who made “fashion town” a popular holiday destination, said in press conference the director of business development and marketing at Château-Bromont, Johanne Gauvin. “My Bromont is the way we live and make live visitors unique moments. My Bromont, it’s the rare ability of owners and managers of hotel establishments to really work together to advance the quality of the destination. (…) Our common denominator is a taste to live in the premises of a day or premises always friendliness and generosity to live in Bromont. ”

Among the essential activities to practice the seven bike disciplines here take pride of place. For its part, Bromont, mountain experience has enhanced its offering in this niche through a new network of 39 kilometers of trails. Outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in such activities as the “fat bike”, these bikes with oversized wheels, cross-country, hiking and enduro. Besides the dozens of multipurpose trails municipal circuit.

Visitors can also take a leap in Bromont National Cycling Centre. They will among others practice their favorite sport on the oval of the velodrome, the only one in Quebec, or try the experience of a BMX course.

Golf enthusiasts can demonstrate their skills on the tees of the four grounds of Bromont territory. According to general manager of Chateau Bromont, Martin Ducharme, “the industry is doing well” in the region. “Bromont has become the number one golf destination in Quebec!” He launched during his address.

Culture broth

Question to cheer the audience by adding a touch punctuated the launch of the summer season, tourism Bromont has focused on a quartet of “musical bike.” Each of these tech stationary bikes was linked to a musical instrument. The duo councilors Louis Villeneuve and Pierre Distillio did not hesitate to ride their horses alongside the director of the play Two naked men, Bernard Fortin and coordinator of parks and trails in Bromont, Annie Cabana. They were accompanied for the occasion of the author-songwriter Mathieu Mathieu guitar and deputy director for economic development of the resort, Suzanne-Marie Landry, on harmonica.

Moreover, culture is more than ever in the spotlight in Bromont this summer. At St John Cultural Center, including the intimate room vibrate to the sound of Brazilian music, Viennese guitar, voice gospel together, a soul rock band and a classical violinist. Friday will also be animated in Old Village. Indeed, Tourism launches this summer Bromont Bromont Blues and BBQ. This series of free shows will be held under the flag of St. Francis Xavier Church, on Shefford Street. It produced will include Angel Forrest, Mike Goudreau jazzman as Jonah and his guitarist Corey Diablo.

Another new Bromonde the weekend. Taking the form of a “5-7”, fans of Quebec-African music, Cuban and Eastern Europe will be able to stretch their legs under the adjoining shelter Shrine of July 21 to 23.


Besides tripper clientele, Bromont wants to further expand its reach by encouraging visitors to extend their stay. “We have an outstanding accommodation offers. It was an attractive location for people in larger centers, but we want to definitely avoid their return home after only one day. I’m sure we have a comprehensive tourist offer to get there, “Landry said in an interview, adding that 25-54 years are mainly targeted.

American tourists are also in the sights of Bromont. A web campaign is planned to attract this clientele highly prized in the region. “With the Canadian dollar down, many US residents will be tempted to cross the border in the coming months, argued the deputy director for economic development. Bromont has become a must for them. ”

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